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How can I get to Huangyao ancient town? The best one-day tour route of Huangyao ancient town

Now many people like to go out for tourism. Now most people are tired of the bustling and noisy city, and enjoy visiting ancient towns. I believe many people know that there are many ancient towns in China. At this time, you can go to huangtao ancient town for a walk. It is said that this is a 'dream home'. The people here are simple, peaceful and peaceful. So, do you know how to get to Huangyao ancient town? What's the best route for a day tour?

[arrive at Huangyao in the morning]

Starting from Guilin bus terminal, take the first bus to Zhongshan County, then take the bus from Zhongshan to Huangyao town. Huangyao ticket is 100 yuan / person, half price for student ticket. If a driver with a local ID card drives you to Huangyao scenic area, you can tell him the price and ask him to buy it for you, then you can save a little money.

There are more than 600 households and eight streets in Huangyao town. Most of the houses are in the style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Because of the special geographical location, Huangyao is surrounded by mountains, easy to defend and difficult to attack, and inconvenient transportation, the villages and towns are in a semi closed state, which makes the ancient houses and many cultural relics preserved.

[start of tour]

There is an ancient stage in front of the scenic spot. It was built in the first year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty. It has a history of more than 400 years. The stage is carved with beams and painted buildings, simple and elegant, and it is still well preserved. On the third day of the third lunar month every year, the local people will set up a opera here. On weekdays, occasionally there will be a group of tourists from all walks of life.

[towering ancient trees]

When you enter Huangyao ancient town, you will find that there are many ancient banyan trees here. Each ancient tree only grasps the soil in the stone seam. The trunk has already been higher than the roof, and the branches and leaves try their best to stretch around. Although half of the ancient trees have already withered, the other half is still growing vigorously, which seems to accompany the rise and fall of the ancient town.

[Qingyou slate road]

The most attractive part of Huangyao ancient town is the flagstone road. These flagstones are zigzag, dense, overlapped, and paved with solid, smooth and thick bluestones. On both sides of the flagstone road are the old houses of Ming and Qing architectural style. Walking slowly on the flagstone Road, it seems that the whole person was pulled back to the old time: little friends were playing together, and the call of grandma came from afar.

[Xianghe ancient house]

Walking along the flagstone Road, the houses on both sides are elegant and peaceful, standing quietly on both sides of the street, enjoying the baptism of sunshine. There are still more than 300 such ancient buildings in Huangyao Town, including famous simadi, jinshidi, guojiayuan, etc. In such a simple and elegant courtyard, the mottled window flowers that show the vicissitudes of life reveal the fresh breath of life in the big house. Under the sunshine, the red lantern seems to tell the prosperity it witnessed.

Ancient ancestral hall with different surnames

Huang Yao was originally named after Huang and Yao people living here. Although there is no ancestral temple named Huang and Yao, ancestral temples of each surname can be seen everywhere. Basically, each surname has a ancestral hall. When the new year's festival comes, people hold a memorial ceremony. Different surnames are held at different times. Among them, Liang family ancestral hall is the best one among many ancestral halls, with the most complete preservation. At ordinary times, visitors can go in for a visit. When they are in the ancient and solemn ancestral hall, they will feel a sense of awe.

[ancient well water raises Huangyao people]

There is an ancient well in Huangyao. The water from the well comes up from the ground and feeds the Huangyao people for generations. The well water is divided into several pools, the first one is drinking water, the second one is for washing vegetables, the third one is for washing clothes, and the last one is left in the river. This is not only environmental protection but also water conservation.

[Huangyao cuisine]

Huangyao's specialty food is tofu and Douchi. In addition, green plum and moon persimmon are also delicious snacks.

Huangyao tofu is all made now. From grinding soybeans, casting gypsum, cooking tofu and other procedures, they are all made by two aunts themselves. The fragrance wafts across several streets. White, tender and smooth water tofu, two yuan and a bowl, and she has no time to change money for you.

In Huangyao, you will find that there are several cans of Douchi and green plum of various tastes in front of almost every house. Local people say that Douchi is a must-have condiment for every family. It was a palace tribute in the Qing Dynasty. It was exported to Southeast Asia in the Republic of China. It was placed at the door at will. If someone bought it, he should make some money. If no one bought it, he should keep it for himself.

Qingmei is a favorite snack of Huangyao people. Some people will sun some of their own plum, spread the green plum on the bamboo basket, sun for ten and a half days, enough to eat a year and a half. There are also sold. It's 10 yuan and two bags.

[River boating]

Here is a small river flowing through the ancient town. There are several boats on the river. You can walk along the river again. There is no time limit for a boat as long as 5 yuan. Tired, you can take a plum and find a boat to eat and play. Although the river is not clear, there is something special about rafting.

Well, it's no use saying more. If you want to understand the beauty of Huangyao in a deeper level, you can grab your backpack and walk.