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I just like where did you shoot it? Where did Yuhang appear in the TV series?

A recent little sweet play "I only like you" has been well received since its launch. Do you know if you have watched it? "I only like you" was broadcast more than 100 million hours later, and Douban score increased from 7.1 to 7.4. Some people said that the play was more interesting than expected; some people said that they liked the pure, warm and loving emotional play of the male and female owners very much; and they were very glad that Joe finally got a complete life after meeting Yanmo. So, I just like where did you shoot it?

Many careful friends have found that many of the scenes are taken in Linping, Yuhang. It's very kind to see the elements of Yuhang in the TV series. It's said that the original work is sweet enough to be critically attacked even when the onion is torn.

"I only like you" is adapted from Qiao Yi's collection of essays "I don't like the world, I only like you", starring Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian. The story tells of the young love between Zhao Qiaoyi (Wu Qian), a girl with learning disabilities, and the genius learning Ba Yanmo (that is, the f-jun in the original work, decorated by Zhang Yujian), from the school uniform to the wedding dress. "I only like you" starts from the perspective of the memoirs after marriage, that is to say, the play is very intimate to give the audience a god perspective -- they are married!

An 'activity' of selecting seats by ranking made Zhao Qiaoyi and Yanmo the same table. It's just that this deskmate is not easy to provoke. He doesn't like to talk. He also has a sense of distance (as evidenced by the 38th line). He dislikes people's poor performance, but behind his back, he is eager to ask for help. Playing basketball is also happy to put on my wife's T-shirt, as long as there is a small gift, every day is the day of remembrance of the daily sugar. What's more enviable is that Qiao Yi also has a favorite sister, a crazy brother. Flowers in the past, only good for my sister! Love, family, friendship can not fall! No matter what happened, good girl may day will always be around! It's a 360 degree all-round sugar opera without dead ends!

Having said so much, let's follow Xiao Yu to have a look at these familiar scenes~

Linping Xinhua Bookstore

Overlooking the beautiful scenery of Yuhang on Linping mountain

Linping Hongfeng South Road, male and female owners take buses

Business negotiation in Yuhang building

The coffee in Linping Xintiandi has entered the country from male and female high school to home.

Linping No.5 Middle School takes pictures and recalls the youth in the play

Linping Grand Theatre (renamed Nanchuan Theatre)

Wanbaocheng, a large shopping mall in the play, is full of familiarity

Night view of Linping new town

Yuhang has more beauty

It's worth getting on the screen

What's the Yuhang flavor of these plays