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Which net red punch card bases are there in Bangkok, Thailand? Bangkok's hottest online red base rec

In recent years, China's outbound tourism has become a fashion. Many people like to travel abroad. Now, Thailand is the most popular country for outbound tourism. As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is a prosperous metropolis, and there are few online red card punching places. No matter what style of photos you want to take, it's definitely right to come to these places. There are online red card punching places in Bangkok, as well as online red card punching places in Bangkok Strategy.

What kind of online card printing place is there in Bangkok

Papaya antique warehouse

Papaya is an antique warehouse, also known as the movie warehouse. It has a lot of antique objects. There is a large space in the store, with three floors in total. It is retro and fashionable, which is very suitable for taking photos. There are different objects in every corner and space, such as record player, musical instrument, daily necessities, blankets, dolls and furniture. It's like telling you interesting stories of the world again.

Bangkok Art and Culture Center

This is a comprehensive cultural and Art Center, gathering private art galleries, cafes, bookstores, etc. There are all kinds of exhibitions, film, photography, architecture, art and other categories, as well as art galleries and stalls for various artists. If you are interested in art, you can stroll for one day. If you are not interested in art, you can also stroll for 1-2 hours by taking photos.

Siam Discovery Center

It's a holy land for one-stop shopping. The design here is unique. Each exhibition hall is like a work of art, which dazzles you. There is a large interior design exhibition hall on the 5th floor and a Madame Tussauds Wax Museum on the 6th floor, which is worth visiting. And every June is Thailand's crazy shopping festival. There are many discounts and discounts in the shopping mall, which is a good time to stock up.

Love husky Cafe

This is a cafe with husky dog as its theme. The logo decoration and food in the cafe are all related to husky. There are more than 20 huskies in the store, but the dining area is separate from the dog interaction area. There are not only coffee, but also desserts and meals in the store. The price is reasonable and reasonable.