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Which temple in Jiuhua Mountain worships Buddha best? Three temples must be worshipped in Jiuhua Mou

Jiuhua Mountain is one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China. There are many people who go to burn incense and worship Buddha on New Year's day, and there are many temples in Jiuhua Mountain. The incense in each temple is very prosperous. Some friends from far away may want to ask which temple is the most spiritual in Jiuhua Mountain? It's said that Jiuhua Mountain has a high level of spiritual efficacy. It's said that Jiuhua Mountain must worship three temples. Do you know what they are?

1. Small roof

It must be said that the more effective temple in Jiuhua Mountain definitely recommends a small roof, which is the most effective one in the hearts of many pilgrims, and the surrounding environment of the temple is also good. Standing in front of the temple, you can see a very wide field of vision, so this is the best place to watch the sunset Castle Peak. The building of the temple is very grand and magnificent, which is dedicated to the Buddha of Sakyamuni, the Guanyin of Tibet and the Maitreya Buddha Because the prayer has come true, a large number of tourists come here to burn incense and worship Buddha.

2. The temple of flesh

In addition to burning incense and worshiping Buddha, the body of the eminent monks of all ages is worshipped in Jiuhua Mountain. The body of the golden earth of Tang Dynasty is enshrined in the body hall. This is the place to come to Jiuhua Mountain. However, tourists can't see the body shaping. They can only see the pagoda where the body is placed. The tanks in the pagoda store the body. Tourists can go around the pagoda clockwise to pray for blessings.

3. Centenary Palace

You must visit the centenary palace when you come to Jiuhua Mountain. Because it is on the top of Jiuhua Mountain, you can choose to go there by cable car. There are the bodies of the impeccable monks of the Ming Dynasty stored here. Because they lived to be 126 years old before they died, they are named 'Centenary Palace'. This is also the oldest body of Jiuhua Mountain. It's worth visiting. The scenery is also quite good, overlooking the panorama of Jiuhua street.

There are a lot of tourists to Jiuhua Mountain. They go to burn incense and pray for Buddha. They recommend several temples that must be visited and are effective for you. You can go to worship, but you should be prepared for many tourists. There are many black guides and black cars on the way. Please don't talk to them at will.