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Which is the most worthwhile ancient town in Hangzhou? Which is more interesting in Hangzhou ancient

Hangzhou has been a city suitable for tourism since ancient times. At the same time, Hangzhou is also known as "paradise on earth". Not only is the climate of Hangzhou suitable for people to travel, especially many tourists yearn for Jiangnan ancient town, but there are so many ancient towns like Hangzhou. Which one is the most worthy of visiting? Which is more interesting in Hangzhou ancient town?

Which is the most worthy ancient town in Hangzhou

Ancient town of Longmen

Longmen ancient town is a relatively original ecological ancient town. It's also a living block. There are no linglangman commercial shops. There are many residential buildings here. There are many intact ancient buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties. It's nice to walk around the ancient town at will. The ancient town can be roughly divided into the source of the ancient town, the hometown of the old street, the people beside the river, the trace of the hundred steps, the moon in the inkstone pool, and sun sun The town is not big. You can go through it in about two hours.

New leaf village

This ancient village has gradually become popular because it has become the location of "where to go dad", and more and more tourists have come to visit it. At present, Xinye ancient village is the largest Ye's settlement village in China. The feeling of the whole ancient village is that of the old tradition. Originally, it mainly depends on the architectural pattern and the details of sculpture and decoration. Now, visit the scenes in "where to go dad 2" and The parent-child experience of "star style" is also one of the reasons for many people to come to new leaf.

Qinchuan Village

Qinchuan village is an ancient village with a history of more than 750 years. The biggest highlight of this ancient village is the huge ancient architectural complex, as well as the three big camphor trees at the foot of the village. The ancient trees are towering, which can immediately make people feel the long history of the village. The whole village is run through by a small river. There are many people on both sides of the river, as well as the flagstone road built into the river, which is a simple small bridge and ancient water Dwellings.

Ancient town of Tangqi

The whole town is free and open and hungry. In addition to several venues, it is necessary to charge. Basically, the essence of the ancient town is not charged. The Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale passes through the ancient town. The two sides are old antique houses, and there are ancient bridges on the river. Tangqi is famous for loquat and traditional pastries. When loquat is yellow in late May, there is always a lot of excitement here. Many Hangzhou people come here to eat loquat.

Which is the most interesting ancient town in Hangzhou? Xiaobian will recommend these to you. Maybe some ancient towns are not very famous, but they have the simplicity that ancient towns should have. Such ancient towns are worth exploring and can make you more relaxed.