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Where is Mount Emei for azalea? The best place to see azalea in Emei Mountain

With the rapid development of China in recent years, Chinese people especially want to walk in today's dilemma under the pressure of hard work, to relax their body and mind, so tourism has become one of the best life choices for most urban young people! So, where is Mount Emei for azaleas? Where is the best place to enjoy azalea in Emei Mountain?

Hot may, the temperature soared all the way, summer flowers bloom good season has arrived. Rhododendron blooms alone in midsummer. Mount Emei, the most beautiful Rhododendron viewing place in Sichuan Province, has entered the blooming period in advance. Walking in the mountains, stepping on the fragrance to pursue the beauty, that slope, that piece of land, the peak, the valley and the second bud, the height is far and near colorful. At present, Baoguo temple, huangwan and other low mountain areas are almost fully open, with the most common Rhododendron.

I still remember that last year, Mount Emei's Rhododendron sea went all the way to CCTV. The most beautiful Rhododendron in the cloud amazed the whole of China. The classic pictures under the lens of many big photographers are still vivid, and this year's romantic flowering period is as promised.

The Rhododendron dahongensis grows at an altitude of 1700-1800 meters, and its flowering period is from March to May. It is one of the earliest wild Rhododendron species in Emeishan. Dazhong Rhododendron is a unique species in Emei Mountain, which is introduced as a model specimen. It is the best Rhododendron in the purple flower series of Emei Mountain.

Rhododendron in leidongping, Jinding and other high mountain areas have not yet moved, waiting for a surprise to bloom. Mountains and rivers are green, peaks are high and valleys are quiet, flowers are blooming, and butterflies are flying.

Enjoy the flowers, let your body and mind wander in the sea of flowers. Spring, is the season of flowers, is the season of flying heart. Emei Mountain, also in this amorous spring blooming dazzling beauty. The mountains are green, the clouds are light, the flowers are blooming, and the fragrance is gorgeous.

Hot summer, can not stop its flowers. In the past week, Jinding, qianfuding and wanfuding, with an altitude of 2800-3099 meters, are in full bloom.

Emei Mountain is known as the kingdom of azalea. April to June is the best time to watch Azalea. From Baoguo temple, which is 500 meters above sea level, to the top of Ten Thousand Buddhas, which is 3099 meters above sea level, all kinds of azalea are open for the second time, high and low, far and near, in all shapes, and the flowers are like the sea. Jinding is not only the best scenic spot to watch the Golden Buddha, sunrise, cloud sea, sunset, Buddha light and holy lamp, but also the best place to watch the world's azalea, a treasure of azalea.

Jinding Rhododendron is a rare Rhododendron unique to Emei Mountain. It is reported that this kind of Rhododendron specimen was first discovered and collected by German Faber in Emei Mountain, so the flora of Emei is also called Faber Rhododendron.

Rhododendron is an evergreen shrub with a height of 1-2.5m. The leaves are leathery, ovate oblong or inverted ovate oblong; the leaves are initially covered with short yellow hairs, and there are two layers of hairs on the back of the leaves. The upper layer is reddish brown, and the leaves fall off when they grow. The lower layer is very thin, gray and persistent. There are 6-10 flowers in the terminal racemose umbel; the Corolla is bell shaped, white or white with pink, the upper part of the flower tube has purple spots, and the base is purple patches. The flowering period is from May to June; the fruiting period is from September to October. It grows in the alpine zone with an altitude of 2600-3099m. At the beginning of May, when opening petals and spitting out pistils, a tree with red buds and white petals dressed up the steep body rock in a beautiful way. When it is in full bloom, it looks like silver flowers floating on the summit, like the crystal early snow.