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What is the flower language of lilac? How many months does Harbin clove blossom?

Lilac is the city flower of Harbin. Every year when it comes to the season when lilac blooms, you don't have to look for it deliberately or go to lilac Park specially. Lilac can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys and in the courtyard in front of the window. The flowers are fragrant. So, do you know how many months does the lilac blossom in Harbin every year? What is the flower language of lilac?

Many poets like to describe cloves. Li Shangyin ', They all put lilac in a word of "sorrow", and it is still sad in the rain, which gives lilac a layer of sad color. The cloves in Harbin are less sad. Flowers bloom in May, with the bright spring, carrying the vitality of spring, with the joy of spring.

People say it's a kind of luck to find five cloves. In fact, as long as you are a little careful and look carefully, this luck will come! Look at the five cloves I found!

Lilac blooms in a low-key way. It doesn't catch your eyes at once. Even you are attracted by its fragrance to pay attention to its appearance. And once you notice its blooming posture, it's the feeling that the more you look at it, the more you feel it, the more you love it. The fragrance of lilac has a noble freshness. In fact, if you smell it closely, its fragrance is not strong, it is delicate, and the fragrance is floating in the air with the wind, which is the unique charm of lilac.

Every year flowers bloom, every year there is only a different mood. I can clearly remember the mood when photographing each bunch of flowers, witnessing the arrival of spring every year and growing old with fragrance, which is a feeling of not growing old!

Harbin's spring is too short. Let the flowers in front of the window record the spring days!

The city flower of a city is the character of the city. Lilac has the reputation of "the flower of heaven". Some people say it represents purity, first love and brilliance. In fact, it has a strong, patient and romantic character.

Walking in Harbin in May, you will find that lilac flowers are everywhere with you... What is the language of lilac flowers? What is the meaning of lilac in different colors?

What is the flower language of lilac?

Lilac flower language: pure first love!

Purple Lilac flower language: first love, glory, friendship!

Blue purple lilac flower language: love bud!

Purple Lilac flower language: beautiful!

White lilac flower language: youth, laughter, purity!