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Where to buy Wuhan specialty? Recommended by Wuhan specialty

Wuhan is a well-developed online Red City in recent two years in China. Many people like to travel to Wuhan. When they come to Wuhan, they not only need to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Wuhan, but also taste the delicious food of Wuhan. Finally, of course, they need to buy the special products of Wuhan to take home. It is better to take some special products home when they travel. Where can we buy special products in Wuhan?

1. Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street

Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street is the center of Wuhan, Hubei Province. It is the longest pedestrian street in China. It has the reputation of "the first pedestrian street in the world". It is a famous century old commercial street in Wuhan and also a "Wuhan 20th century architecture museum". There are buildings with different styles, beautiful lighting projects, people's appreciation of the 'Chinese style sketch', the Chinese and Western catering competition, and the flourishing business culture competition with the stage 'performance', which creates a good atmosphere of leisure and sightseeing for the street. Any Wuhan specialty you want can be bought here!

2. Hubu Lane

Hubu lane is an old street in Wuhan, Hubei Province. It has a history of more than 400 years. It is known as "the first lane of Chinese snacks". It is a food paradise surrounded by famous streets, famous buildings, famous sceneries and famous rivers. Hubu lane has become a well-known brand in Wuhan, and it is the symbol of Wuhan breakfast. Its prosperous breakfast stall has been lasting for decades. Here, you can also buy authentic special products of Wuhan, which is a very worthy place to go.

3, supermarkets

Wuhan's supermarkets can also buy Wuhan's specialties, such as hemp baking cake, hot and dry noodles, Huangpi Jingmi, wuchangyu and other Wuhan specialties can be bought in each supermarket. The key is economic benefits. You can choose to buy them in OLE \ 'supermarket, Wal Mart shopping plaza, Zhongbai warehouse (Guanggu shopping Plaza store) and other supermarkets.

4, Hankou

Hankou is a bustling international metropolis of Wuhan, with the title of "Oriental Chicago". Hankou has been one of the four famous towns in China since ancient times. Hanzheng Street is the earliest central street in Hankou history, where thousands of merchants gather and commodities compete. Hankou has been closely related to commerce since its formation. In Hankou, you can buy all kinds of specialties in Wuhan.