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How to pass the time by coach? Let's take five tips for passing the time by car!

We will have a small and long vacation soon. Every small and long vacation will bring some people to travel and relax. But we all know that no matter where you go, you can't avoid taking a car, no matter by car or by plane, there will be a long time. So, how can I make my journey no longer boring? How to spend a long time in the car?

Read a Book

Read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles. Reading and tourism have been inseparable since ancient times. Most of the literati like to visit mountains and water. Many famous mountains and rivers are spread for hundreds of times because of their ancient sayings. Nowadays, people who like reading will always put some of their favorite books in their luggage. Newspapers and magazines will also be provided free of charge on planes and trains. When you concentrate on the lines, you will forget where you are and enjoy your life.

Listen to the music

Generally, there are broadcasting equipment on the vehicles. Listen to the radio and songs, put the music in your pocket, walk all the way, and sing all the way. Listen to the beautiful scenery. You will find that music is so wonderful! Time will be unconsciously dismissed.

Look at the scenery

Never miss the beautiful scenery along the way. The cottage with smoke, the wheat field with wind, the city with lights, the mountains with green layers & hellip; & hellip; some places may not have a chance to stay for a moment, but they have passed by. In fact, life is a kind of passing. Pass, pass, don't miss. Take a look! Don't let beauty pass by.

Play a game

Choose a stand-alone game that will attract you to pass the customs. Girls are happy to have fun, and boys are happy to have fun for a few hours. But there's one thing that must be done -- remember to take the power bank and get enough power. You can't hurt people without power~


It's the easiest and most practical way. Although sitting, we can still keep our eyes closed. Slowly and Duke Zhou met, in addition to the spirit of recuperation, can also play the role of avoiding suspicion. For example, if the opposite brother swallows and the voice and flavor come together, it's hard to resist; or if a pair of men and women love each other like nobody, they can close their eyes and keep the true spirit.