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How many months is Hailuogou the best? The most famous scenic spots in Hailuogou

Hailuogou is generally known to tourists. This place is famous for its glacial beauty and hot springs. Moreover, the glaciers in Hailuogou can be close to each other. Basically, there are many tourists here in winter every year. So, what month is suitable for Hailuogou? What's the best season to see in this place?

Hailuogou is suitable for months

Hailuogou is mainly famous for glaciers and hot springs, so the most suitable time for tourism must be winter, and most tourists come to Hailuogou for the beautiful scenery of snow mountain, so the best time for Hailuogou tourism is winter, from November to April of the next year. There are many sunny days after snow, the air is fresh, and you can see the snow-white glacier in the distance. In summer, the temperature rises, and glaciers are hard to see. July to August is the local rainy season, and mountain roads are in danger of collapse. For safety, it is not recommended to go in rainy season.

In addition to winter, many netizens also recommend Hailuogou in autumn. The temperature of Hailuogou in autumn is more comfortable and warmer than that in winter. The melting snow mountain in summer reappears slowly with the temperature decreasing. The primeval forest is full of red leaves, colorful, cool in autumn and clear in the sky. It's a good time for tourists to browse. It's also a good time for friends who don't go to Hailuo Valley in autumn for the beautiful scenery of snow mountain.

The best time for Luogou tourism is autumn and winter. The scenery in these two seasons is very good. However, it is not very recommended to come here in rainy season, that is, in July and August, it is prone to natural disasters such as landslides, which has certain security risks.