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Is Dongji island in Zhejiang fun? What's the best month to visit East pole?

Nowadays, it's quite a tourist island tour. Many people like to start their own island tour. The beautiful island of Dongji has entered the hot field of vision because Han Han Han's "no future meeting" brought it on fire. The scenery of this island is really beautiful. The blue sea water, the blue sky, have not received any pollution at all. The friends who haven't been there must want to know the east of Zhejiang Province Is polar Island fun? When is the best time to go?

Is Dongji island in Zhejiang interesting

When Dongji Island, a small island, comes into the popular sight, many tourists and friends come here for vacation. The whole Dongji island is composed of Huangxing Island, miaozihu Island, Qingbang island and dongfushan island from west to East. The simple fishermen's life on the island also makes people yearn for. Here, you can: swim, fish, watch the sea, watch the sunrise and the sunset; Of course, you can also be dazed, roar, and run & hellip; & hellip; no wonder Xu Fu of Qin Dynasty stopped here when he went down to the East China Sea to seek the elixir for the first emperor of Qin Dynasty. When is the best time to go to East pole island? Which months is the best time to go?

When is the best time to go to East pole Island

If you go to Dongji Island, it is generally recommended to go from May to October. This period is just the best travel time of Dongji island. Every spring and summer (May to August), the clouds on the top of Dongji Island float around, and the coast is sunny, which is a wonder; July to August. This is the best time to watch the sunrise and play with the sea in the East pole. Under the sunshine, the sea water is clear, blue and beautiful. But it is also a closed season. There will be fewer wild seafood and the price will be expensive; From September to October, it's best to come to Dongji island to eat seafood. Especially in October, the fish is full of fat and crabs. Not only are there many varieties of seafood cheap, but also the cool weather is very suitable for a hike on the island.

Seeing that summer vacation is coming, if you want to find an island for vacation in China, Xiaobian would recommend Dongji island. If you don't want to go to Sanya, Dongji island is worth considering. When is the best time to go to Dongji Island, Xiaobian has also told you in detail. Summer vacation is the best time to travel.