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What are Yangzhou's specialties worth sending? List of famous specialties in Yangzhou

Yangzhou is a beautiful city. From ancient times to the present, many people like to take Yangzhou as a tourist. Yangzhou not only has beautiful natural scenery, but also has unique flavor snacks. So when it comes to Yangzhou, you must go to Yangzhou's most famous snack street to have a look. When you go home, you can buy some special products for your relatives and friends. What are Yangzhou's special products worth giving away?

Jiangdu square crisp

Jiangdu crispy pastry is a famous local pastry in Jiangsu Province. It has been produced for more than 100 years. It was originally round and shaped like a toad, so it was named toad crisp. Later, it was changed to square, renamed fangsu, also known as xiaofangsu. This product is made of white flour, soft white sugar, sesame, sesame oil and other raw materials, together with spices such as Huangding, orange cake, etc., through fermentation, shortening, crispy wrapping, multi-layer folding and forming, and baked by gentle fire. It is crisp and delicious.

Jade carving in Yangzhou

Yangzhou jade carving is one of the traditional folk carving arts in Yangzhou, which has a very long history. Yangzhou jade carving is hard and meticulous in texture, and its hand carving technology is complex. Yangzhou jade carving creatively integrates various techniques such as Yin line carving, deep and shallow relief carving, three-dimensional round carving and hollow carving, forming the basic characteristics of thick, mellow, elegant, smart and exquisite, which is famous for its unique artistic charm in the world. The sculptured works are novel in composition, beautiful in shape and exquisite in workmanship.

Qin mail Dong sugar

Dongtang, a traditional famous spot in Gaoyou District, has a history of more than 600 years. Qin you dong sugar is made of glutinous rice flour, sesame, white sugar, malt and other raw materials by hand. Each piece is composed of 48 layers of film, with uniform thickness, clear layers, pure taste, soft entrance, delicious and sweet, suitable for all ages. It is the first choice gift for the best friends on New Year's day, Spring Festival and other festivals, but the product has certain seasonality and is not suitable for storage and transportation in high temperature areas or seasons.

Yizheng green spring tea

Lvyang spring tea is a famous local specialty with a very long history. As early as Tang and Song Dynasties, it has become one of the famous tea producing areas. The tea produced was listed as tribute in Song Dynasty. Yangzhou has a very superior environment, and its production process is very fine. The green poplar spring tea is like a new willow, green and beautiful. It has elegant internal quality and fragrance, clear soup color, fresh and mellow taste, tender and even leaf bottom, which is also a rare delicacy.

Bovine sugar

Kraft sugar is known as Yangzhou unique. Kraft sugar tastes sweet, the outer layer of sesame is even, the section is brown and bright, translucent, elastic, fragrant, chews without sticking teeth, and enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.