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Where is the shooting base of power game? What are some interesting places in Croatia?

Now the most popular tourist destination in the world is Dubrovnik in Croatia. Because of the arrival of the final chapter of the game of power, it has become the holy land that rights fans all over the world yearn for. In the previous May Day holiday, the number of Croatian tourists increased by 450%, almost all of them came for the king's visit. So, is Croatia fun? How to play the most fun?

I happened to go to Dubrovnik not long ago. As a loyal fan of Quan you, I can't avoid talking about Quan you without chatting with the local people. In the past, Dube was a popular tourist city in Europe. Its main tourists came from western countries. Five years ago, there were few Chinese tourists, but now there are more and more. I said to him: don't worry, more and more Chinese tourists will come to visit. I thought he would be very happy, but I saw that he had no choice but to stand up and say: Chinese tourists don't come back, our city is already full, too many people.

In fact, the ancient city of dubu is not big. It may be over 20 minutes from the south gate to the north gate. What we must experience is the walking city wall. The walking scenery on the city wall is great. Especially at dusk, from the top of the mountain overlooking the whole picture of the ancient city, very beautiful.

Despite the multimedia coverage, Croatia has been introduced as a paradise resort. However, I have different opinions on this. The most popular tourist cities in Croatia are Dubrovnik, Sprite, Shibenik, Zadar, PRA, rovini and other cities along the Adriatic coast from south to north. I've been to all these cities except Hebrew. I feel that the ancient city is a little similar, small in area and almost the same in length. They all rely on the Sea red roof. Among them, the most beautiful one is definitely dubu. In addition, the sunset of Zadar and the scenery of rovini are more prominent.

I suggest that we go directly to the 'King's visit' Pilgrimage, and then travel around it. It's a special trip to go south to Kotor in Montenegro, because Kotor is in a small city in the Great Bay, and rarely sees such a big bay, and then to the south is Albania. To the northeast, Mostar and Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina are very close. You can have a look. If the ship to the west is to go to Italy's Bari, where there are two super beautiful card playing places: Alberto Roberto and Matela, neither of them will let people down.

I don't recommend traveling along the coast of Croatia. This is how I went. Because these cities are almost the same size, it's hard to avoid aesthetic fatigue in the end. In the north, rovini can arrange a trip together in Trieste and Slovenia, because they are too close. Slovenia is also a very beautiful small country. A friend even ranked it in the top three of Europe.

Most of the domestic tourists who travel to Croatia go with groups. I recommend free travel. The arrangement is more casual, because there are many optional places over there, and some places can spend more time if they like. The traffic over there is actually very convenient. It's OK to buy a coach or charter a car directly. It's OK for a small city to walk by legs directly. It's very small. If you are going to Dubrovnik directly, I recommend Finnish airlines. You can transfer from Helsinki. The distance is close. The service of Finnair is also good. You can play in Helsinki for half a day.

Prices in Croatia are not cheap. It costs 200 yuan to hike around Dubrovnik's city wall and 200 yuan to take a cable car up and back to the mountain. I feel that the ticket prices in many places are much more expensive than those in our country. So let's not say that the domestic tickets are the first in the world. I think they have been overtaken by many countries.