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What are some interesting places in Yangzhou thin West Lake? The origin of the name of Slender West

There are many scenic spots worth visiting in Yangzhou, such as the individual garden, Daming Temple, Yangzhou ancient canal, etc. when it comes to the beauty of Yangzhou, which is like a dream, it's the thin West Lake. Thin West Lake has the reputation of "the prosperity of gardens, the best in the world". The picturesque scenery with rippling green waves, weeping willows and a breeze is the true portrayal of the thin West Lake. So, what are the interesting scenic spots of Slender West Lake? The origin of the name of thin West Lake?

The most beautiful places in the Slender West Lake are Dahong bridge and Wuting bridge. In history, too many literati and scholars came here to learn from each other and point out the mountains and rivers. Therefore, they left many precious ink and moving stories. The Emperor Qianlong also wrote poems to appreciate the scenery here.

In my opinion, the thin West Lake is like a girl, graceful and graceful. It's very pleasant to go by boat or on foot in this sunny day. The breeze blows on the face, and all kinds of poetry and painting are reflected in it. The origin of the name of thin West Lake?

It is said that if the thin West Lake is compared to a graceful girl, then the five pavilion bridge is the gorgeous belt on the girl. Indeed, the beauty here can only be photographed by changing different angles.

Many people ask, how come the name of thin West Lake is so beautiful?

There is also a story about this problem: in fact, the thin West Lake was first called "guarantee Lake" in history. During the Qianlong period, the scenery here was particularly beautiful. Many rich salt merchants would visit the lake. Once upon a time, when the three were together, they said that they felt that the guarantee lake could be compared with the West Lake in Hangzhou. It should be called the West Lake.

Although the scenery of the guarantee lake is very beautiful, the name of the West Lake has been occupied by the West Lake in Hangzhou. It's obviously not appropriate to take it back. So we discussed and gave a good name to the guarantee Lake together. No matter what the name is, we are all around the word "West Lake". What is Changxi lake, Jinxi lake, Yinxi lake, Meixi Lake & hellip; & hellip; is to think about how to cover the West Lake in Hangzhou.

Of course, the above names are not appropriate enough. The last scholar said: I think this lake in Yangzhou is comparable to the West Lake in Hangzhou, but it's too thin. In my opinion, it can be called "thin West Lake". "As soon as this statement is made, we all admire it very much," thin West Lake "gets its name.