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What are the highlights of Beijing World Horticultural Exposition? Three highlights of the Expo

The Beijing World Horticultural Exposition officially opened, and tourists from all over the world will 'enjoy a hundred Garden'. What are the highlights of this global grand gathering of about 110 countries and international organizations? What kind of "green feast" will the public experience? What surprises will these highlights bring us?

Highlight 1: Plant Garden -- a dialogue between man and nature

Plants are the main role of the Beijing World Horticultural Exposition, and also the biggest attraction of the event. Zhou Jianping, executive deputy director of Beijing World Horticultural Bureau, introduced that Beijing World Horticultural Exposition has more than 100 exhibition gardens with different characteristics, including national and international organization exhibition garden, provincial, district and city exhibition garden, enterprise exhibition garden, hundred fruit garden, hundred vegetable garden, hundred grass garden, etc., displaying many flower varieties, such as rare and characteristic flowers, local flowers, self-cultivation new and excellent flowers at home and abroad, as well as many fruit trees, vegetables, traditional Chinese medicine plants, tea, coffee, etc Content.

In the Botanical Museum, there are thousands of plant varieties, including Maitreya, mangrove, sea coconut, etc., including a variety of rare and precious plants; in the Chinese horticultural exhibition area, there are more than 200 kinds of unique plants in Anhui, such as youlongmei, Langya elm, zuiwangyu, etc., in the Anhui garden; in the Tibet garden, there are hundreds of years old left-handed willows, snow capped plateau precious plants such as Artemisia viridis, etc.; in the world horticultural exhibition area, there are asebe There are 90 kinds of plants in the Russian garden, including blackcurrant, wild rose, seabuckthorn, etc;

On the underground floor of the China Pavilion, the exhibition of rare and precious plants with Chinese characteristics shows more than 300 kinds of Chinese unique and rare and endangered plants, such as golden tea, Rhododendron tea, Amaryllis, gesnerium moss and Debao Cycas.

Highlight 2: cultural feast -- experience gardening story through audio-visual way

During the 162 day exhibition period, in addition to the exhibition of ornamental plant gardening and characteristic exhibition garden, tourists can also participate in about 2500 cultural activities, basically 'the theme of the month, the activities of the week, the exhibition every day, and the interaction from time to time', enjoying different audio-visual feast.

In addition to the opening ceremony, opening ceremony, China Pavilion Day, closing ceremony and other large-scale activities, there are also "National Day", "honor day", "provincial, district and city day", flower car tour, world ethnic and folk cultural performances and other special activities, as well as professional horticultural activities such as forums and international competitions.

There will be 180 tours of 10 'ecological flower cars' made of fresh plants and flowers during the session, with the theme of' flowers as the medium ', telling vivid and wonderful horticultural stories through artistic performances.

In the "honor day" of "National Day", international bamboo and rattan organization's bamboo species and rattan species space breeding launch, exhibition garden visit, celebration performance, etc., Thailand's traditional Thai performance, Thai boxing, fruit carving, etc., North Korea's flag raising ceremony, group photo souvenir, art performance and other activities of more than 60 countries and international organizations will be launched brilliantly.

'Province, District, city and day' comprehensively displays the culture of various regions and ethnic minorities, such as Zhejiang intangible cultural heritage exhibition, Guizhou cultural tourism promotion, Inner Mongolia ethnic song and dance performance, etc.

In addition, a variety of horticultural competitions will take place in turn. Jiang Zehui, President of China Flower Association and vice chairman of organizing committee of Beijing World Horticultural Exposition, said that at that time, there will be seven competitions in indoor special flower competition, including Peony, rose, combined potted plants, bonsai, orchid, chrysanthemum and world flower competition. Especially in August, the "2019 world flower competition" will be held, and players from all countries and regions will compete on the same stage, bringing a beautiful flower festival to the audience.

Highlight 3: Science and technology elements -- smart experience makes the horticultural event cool

The Expo will introduce Internet of things, 5g, big data, artificial intelligence and other technical means to transform the Expo from a traditional garden art exhibition to a horticultural event integrating human, nature, science and technology and culture.

The 'technological elements' in the exhibition hall make the horticultural display more vivid and wonderful: in the Chinese Pavilion, the' peaceful and easy living 'exhibition creates the dynamic interaction effect of' wind blows flowers and advocates nature 'through the combination of gauze curtain, light and shadow, digital image and physical object; in the International Pavilion, multi-dimensional experience mode of' physical object + multi-media + interaction + atmosphere 'is adopted to display the' plant origin center 'area between the facade and the ground Along the way, species communication and horticultural cultural contents such as "world famous flowers and trees"; the theme of "green future" in the thematic horticultural exhibition area, through the combination of cutting-edge technologies such as bionic robot, 3D printing, intelligent equipment, virtual reality and horticulture, experience the surprises brought by intelligence; the digital exhibition hall built in the plant museum, using advanced acousto-optic technology and artistic means to create a unique place for visitors Such as immersive interactive experience in the underwater world of mangrove & hellip;

Guo Ziliang, Vice Minister of Information Technology Department of Beijing World Park Bureau, introduced that the "magic light and shadow forest" is a visual feast that integrates science, technology, culture and natural landscape for tourists all over the world. Its content takes the exotic flowers and plants, rare birds and animals in the classic of mountains and seas as its role, and combines with the means of sound, light, electricity and shadow. It is located in the natural garden environment. Relying on the virtual vision and human-computer interaction technology, it enables tourists to open an interactive experience of the fantasy world of light and shadow through time and space.

Visitors can also feel the experience of intelligent service in the park: Baidu's driverless microcirculation electric minibus' apolon 'appears in the World Expo, an app of' a mobile phone Tour World Park 'can realize a one-stop intelligent tour guide in the whole process of' eating, living, traveling, traveling and enjoying ', and the new generation of 5g communication technology is innovated in many industries such as far-range medical, 8K high-definition video return, driverless, unmanned logistics and UAV The model application demonstration will be fully displayed in the Expo, and visitors can also experience the high-quality services provided by robot commentators, robot baristas and robot cleaners in the park.