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What are the famous specialties in Huangshan? The five most portable specialties in Huangshan

Huangshan City is a prefecture level city in Anhui Province. The world-class scenic spot Huangshan scenic area is located in Huangshan City. Huangshan has a beautiful scenery. When you go to Huangshan, you must not forget to taste the local food. At the same time, you may take some local specialties home. What are the specialties of Huangshan? What are the history of these specialties?

Huangshan famous specialty

Top Valley generous

Dinggu Dafang is a famous tea with a long history in Huangshan, Anhui Province. It was created in Ming Dynasty and was listed as tribute tea in Qing Dynasty. Dinggu generous production process is very fine, the tea shape is flat and even, straight and smooth, green and yellowish, slightly dark color, covered with golden hair, hidden; the soup color is clear and yellowish, the fragrance is high and long, with chestnut fragrance, mellow and refreshing taste, tender and even leaf bottom, plump and strong bud leaves. Ordinary generous color dark green brown run like cast iron, shape like bamboo leaves, so called iron generous, also called bamboo generous.

Hui ink

Huimo, a special product of Huangshan in Anhui Province, has a very long history and originated in the late Tang Dynasty. It has a history of more than a thousand years. Huangshan has a very superior natural environment, four distinct seasons, mild and rainy, which is very suitable for the growth of pine and barrel seed trees. The production process of Huimo is very fine and exquisite. It is made through complex processes such as material selection, smoke training, glue, pestle and so on. The produced Huimo is dark and moist in color, rich in fragrance and excellent in quality. And in 2015, it was listed as China's national geographic indication product, which is an excellent gift for relatives and friends.

Stinky tofu in Huizhou

Huizhou stinky tofu is a special delicacy of Huangshan in Anhui Province. It has a long history. It was founded in Kangxi period of Qing Dynasty and has a history of more than 300 years. Huizhou stinky tofu has a very complex manufacturing process. The main raw materials are tofu and meat. The stinky tofu is made by the ancestral manufacturing process. The stinky tofu smells very stinky, but tastes delicious. Stinky tofu is also rich in protein, amino acid and other nutrients. It has the effect of clearing heat and dispersing blood, enhancing appetite and benefiting qi in cold. If you arrive in Huizhou, you must taste stinky tofu in Huizhou.

Mount Huangshan Mao Feng

Maofeng Tea in Huangshan, Anhui Province, has a very long history. It originated in Guangxu period of Qing Dynasty and has a history of more than 100 years. Huangshan Mountain has superior geographical environment, soft soil, humid climate and abundant rainfall, which is very similar to the growth of tea trees. The Huangshan Maofeng soup produced is clear in color, yellow in green, tastes sweet and mellow when drinking, has a long aftertaste, and also contains rich nutrients such as tea polyphenols, vitamin C, folic acid, radiation, anti-aging and anti arteriosclerosis effects In 1955, it was named one of the top ten famous teas in China.

She Inkstone

She inkstone is a special product of Huangshan in Anhui Province. It has a very long history. It originated in Han Dynasty and has a history of nearly 2000 years. She inkstone is a very precious material. Generally, it can be formed after 500-1 billion years of geological changes. Then it is carefully made by traditional production technology. The made She inkstone is simple in shape, simple and elegant, smooth and excellent in quality, and is rated as one of the four famous inkstones in China. She county was also awarded the title of "the hometown of She inkstone in China" in 2004, 2006, The production technique of inkstone was listed in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

Three pools of Loquat

Santan loquat is a special product of Huangshan in Anhui Province. It has a very long history. It has been recorded in the Song Dynasty and has a history of more than 800 years. Huangshan Shexian county has a superior geographical and natural environment, warm in winter and cool in summer, abundant in precipitation, surrounded by clouds all the year round, which is very suitable for the growth of loquat. The loquat planted is bright in color, thin in skin and thick in flesh, moderate in sour and sweet, tender and juicy in flesh, and refreshing in fragrance.