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Why did yunshuiyao ancient town change its name? Is yunshuiyao ancient town fun?

When it comes to yunshuiyao ancient town, we may all be unfamiliar, but yunshuiyao ancient town is an old village with a very long history. It was originally called changjiao village. Because the film "yunshuiyao" was shot here and became popular, it was renamed yunshuiyao. At this time, many people will ask if yunshuiyao ancient town is fun? Is it worth playing?

Is yunshuiyao ancient town fun

Yunshuiyao ancient town is famous for the movie "yunshuiyao". Now it has become a popular tourist attraction. It's very good to visit the traditional earth building in Nanjing and enjoy the fresh and natural rural scenery here. The scenic spot includes yunshuiyao ancient town, hegui building and Huaiyuan building. There are Youchang ancient road in the village, century old banyan, magic earth building and Lingshan clear water. If you like If you come to a scenic spot like Huan, you will definitely have fun here.

Yunshuiyao is a very suitable place for trance. It's very good to feel the ancient village by walking. There are Hakka Tulou, banyan trees of hundred years old, and the ancient road paved with pebbles. Walking along the pebbled brook, watching the murmur of water, the slow walk of white duck, the willow of banyan tree, feeling the fresh and natural rural scenery is really a kind of enjoyment.

If you ask me if yunshuiyao ancient town is fun, I'll say it's fun, because Xiaobian prefers such a scenic spot, which is full of natural scenery, and the environment near the mountain and water is also very charming.