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Which is the best restaurant in Nanjing? How much is the per capita consumption?

Pasta is available in almost every place, and according to the taste characteristics of people in different places, there are many special pasta. When you arrive in Nanjing, you must taste the first authentic flavor of Nanjing noodle shop. Which noodle shop in Nanjing is delicious? Nanjing pasta restaurant list announced, who is worthy of the first, Nanjing pasta per capita consumption?

Which noodle shop in Nanjing is delicious?

No1 zhanlaoyuan noodle restaurant (Shuangtang Road store)

Zhanlaoyuan noodle shop is a time-honored noodle shop in the alley of Nanjing. The environment is simple, spacious and bright. Compared with other noodle shops, it has more noodles. The soup head is fragrant and the meat is very large. After fried and marinated, it tastes good. The noodles in his house are sold well. The noodle soup has a sweet taste with silk. The taste of noodles is soft and hard. Many people Can eat, but also with small steamed buns, or vegetables such as dried silk to eat together.

Per capita: 21 yuan

Address: no.60-2, shuangtangli, Shuangtang Road (50m south of the intersection of Wufu Street and Shuangtang Road)

No2 Zhu Hongxing noodle restaurant

Zhu Hongxing is from Suzhou. Now he has many branches in Nanjing. Because of the authentic Su style noodles, the taste is sweet, but it is very in line with the taste of the local people. The eel noodles in his family are very good. The noodles and eels are respectively served. The Yangchun noodles taste very good. It's delicious with eels. Red bean wine dumpling porridge and Fried Bun are also very delicious. Soviet style fine noodles, with many.

Per capita: 50 yuan

Address: the first floor of Yaduo Hotel, No. 486, Zhongshan East Road

No3 easy to remember tripe noodles (head office)

The taste of Yiji Pitu noodles is very authentic. It's a Nanjing noodle restaurant that specializes in eating Nanjing delicious Pitu noodles. The brand of Yiji noodles is still very popular. There are many branches. The noodles are very real, full of a large bowl, full of pores, and the taste is mild after being soaked with soup. The poached egg is sugar heart, and there are tomatoes in the soup. The overall taste is a little sweet. Whenever I go, there are full people in it. A bowl of noodles is as big as a basin. There are many different ingredients: skin belly, internal organs, red intestines, vegetables and so on. It's worth trying.

Per capita: 22 yuan

Address: No.101 mingwa Gallery (near ocean department store)

No4 Jiaoji Pacific noodle restaurant (xiangfuying store)

Nanjing noodle shop is recommended by many local people. It has a great reputation and has been open for more than 20 years. This small shop is open on a small road. The surrounding environment is common. The noodle shop is also a very common old-fashioned noodle shop, but it has a good taste. The six fresh noodles have a lot of ingredients. They are packed in a bowl like a basin. There are many toppings. Shredded pork, agaric, tripe, tomato, vegetables, and chops are absolutely the noodles that Nanjing people love.

Per capita: 23 yuan

Address: room 103, West unit, No. 6, xiangfuying

No5 Hongfu noodle restaurant

Hongfu noodle is a famous local noodle restaurant. If you have the chance to come to Nanjing, you have to eat a bowl of authentic tripe noodle. Which noodle restaurant in Nanjing is delicious? Of course you can't miss this one. Rice cake sausage shredded meat, quail egg, awesome egg, rice cake, tomato, pork liver, pork and pickled mustard tuber.

Per capita: 22 yuan

Address: No.27, xibaicaiyuan

Which noodle shop is delicious in Nanjing, do you know? Nanjing people like to eat noodles, so there are many large and small noodle houses. These are all popular local noodle houses in Nanjing. Don't miss them.