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How many food streets are there in Lanzhou? Where is the most famous food street in Lanzhou?

There are so many streets in every city, and there will always be a base for food to punch in. The food on those food streets can be said to represent the most authentic flavor of the city. In Lanzhou, these food streets are very unique, lively but not commercial. Where is the most famous snack street in Lanzhou? Where is the best snack street in Lanzhou?

Zheng Ning Road

As a famous snack street, Zhengning road has become the name card of Lanzhou cuisine. On both sides of the 200m long street, there are countless delicacies in Zhengning Road, including snacks, pasta, famous foods, fruits, dried fruits and cold drinks.

Recommendation: milk mash, barbecue, apricot skin tea, sheep offal, fish, sausage, wings.

Taurus Street

Anning District of Lanzhou is called the University City. There are five colleges and universities here. The place where young people live together must also be the place where food is concentrated. The development of Jinniu Street must be based on such business opportunities. Almost all the coffee shops and restaurants in Jinniu Street are students.

Food recommendation: hot pot in the old store of Rongcheng, mutton in jinliuba, four seasons Fishing Song

Public Lane

Dazhong lane is a place with special features, with a friendly and comfortable environment. Almost every family here is a classic food. There are authentic Lanzhou restaurants, old brand beef noodles, old authentic Lanzhou snacks, thick fried noodles, squeaking barbecue & hellip; & hellip; and then eat full, chat with the boss for a few words, and the real life of Lanzhou people can be seen.

Food recommendation: Mazilu beef noodles, the first stir fried Jincheng noodles, Junjie mutton paomo, Pingliang Guantang mutton paomo, Duji dessert, Ruji barbecue, old place brewed skin.

Jiuquan Road

Jiuquan road has a strong sense of history. The whole road connects Zhangye Road, Nanguan Road, Gannan road and Baiyin road. As an important traffic road, the food on Jiuquan road is naturally rich, so it's worth tasting here!

Food recommendation: Hailong fried noodles and deep fried potato in the old wine Quanlu night market, September hot pot supermarket, one and one classic hot pot, yuebin building, Xiaoyu hot pot, Meifeng vegetable root fragrance, Mingde palace food city, Kang Erjie string incense hot pot, Chengdu impression.

Peasant alley

Farmers' Lane gathers all kinds of cuisines and cuisines from all over the country. There are so many delicacies here. Anyone who has ever been here is full of praise for the delicacy here, which is delicious and diverse.

Food recommendation: Kong Liang hot pot, Shiwa hot pot, Shicheng hot pot, Chongqing Little Swan, Celebrity Hot Pot City, Shu Jiuxiang, Xiu hot pot, Chengdu old wharf, DongLaiShun instant boiled mutton, Huayu open pot mutton, Yuxiang spicy hot pot, kuanzuo hot pot, Yinxin spring doulao, National Restaurant of Building 1 and 4 of air force, Xinjiang village, chestnut zhangsu cold noodles, heshangtou noodle farm