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How about the bars in Sanlitun, Beijing? Where is the specific location of Sanlitun in Beijing?

Chinese people are full of lofty ideals about Beijing, the capital city. Do many young people choose Beipiao? But the life of Beipiao is really hard. We all know that some Beipiao musicians start from the bar singing, so let's see what kind of bars are in Beijing? Where is Sanlitun Street in Beijing?

The famous bar street and nightclub are the main destinations for young people's nightlife and entertainment in Beijing. It is said that 40% of the nightclubs and bars in Beijing are located within 3 kilometers around Sanlitun.

Every night, these bars open continuously. Men, women and foreigners who pursue catharsis like to come here to enjoy the night life. It's the normal here that the lights are red and the wine is green, the paper is drunk and the voice is lustful.

This place, named after three li away from the inner city, was located in the central and Western Chaoyang District of Beijing, the most prosperous section of the East 2nd Ring Road of Beijing. As a result of the establishment of Diplomatic Apartments in the 1960s and 1970s, Sanlitun has gradually become an important community for diplomats, foreigners, shopping and foreign affairs activities in China. There are 10 vertical and 12 horizontal streets in Sanlitun. Commercial and service outlets are densely distributed. Sanlitun Bar Street has also become one of the main places for night life in Beijing.

And there are many beauties here, ranging from 18 to 30 or 40. These beauties swing with the music. It is worth mentioning that every morning in Sanlitun, many men and women who drink too much will vomit and get drunk at the roadside or at the entrance of the nightclub. At this time, the streets are the dirtiest, but also the world of young people.