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What are the specialties that Foshan is suitable to take away? Foshan is suitable for special produc

Foshan is a well-known tourist city in Guangdong Province. Every year, many people come to Foshan for tourism. When they come to Foshan for tourism, they must go home to some local specialties. At this time, many people want to know what specialties Foshan has to bring home? What are the special products that are easy to carry?

1. Cantonese preserved meat

Cantonese people say: 'the autumn wind blows, and they eat preserved meat'

Cantonese cured meat is very popular with the local people in autumn and winter

There are gift boxes now, and it's more dignified to give gifts~

Guangdong style preserved meat is famous for a long time and has experienced years of improvement and innovation

Bright color, sweet taste and unique fragrance

It's crispy and delicious

2. Blind male cake

Baigong cake is one of the specialties of Foshan, Guangdong Province

It was created by a blind man in the late pujiaqing's

So it's called blind public cake

160 years ago

It is well-known at home and abroad for its wonderful and exquisite system

3. Xiqiao pancake

The pancake of Xiqiao Mountain has a history of 300 years

The color is white and yellowish, not scorched, fragrant and smooth

It is said that this cake can only be made from Xiqiao Mountain and clear spring

The fragrant and soft grandparents must like it very much

4. Li Xiji's jumping sand

Flour mixed with lard, nanru, sugar and other ingredients fried

It looks like a golden butterfly. Shunde people call it "scaning sand"

Chengji old shop, which was built outside the east gate of County town in Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty

At first, it was brittle and hard flake, later improved by Li Xiji

The flavor is sweet and crisp, with moderate saltiness and sweetness

The varieties are oyster sauce, shrimp paste, olive kernel, nanru, etc

Currently, most of the products are nanru scanning sand

5. Stuffed pig's feet

Nianzha pig's feet is really a famous dish in Foshan

Marinate a pig's foot of even size, peel and remove the bone separately

Bind with water grass and put it into the kiln for slow brewing

With the secret sauce

The pigskin is tender and elastic. The meat inside is crispy and fragrant

Dexinzhai now has vacuum packaging, which is convenient to take home!