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What happened to Leshan Buddha when he closed his eyes four times? The truth behind the closed eyes

We all know that every country has religious beliefs, and China is no exception. Buddhism has been very popular in China since ancient times. During the Tang Dynasty, shipwrecks often happened in the South Minjiang River. In order to avoid similar incidents happening again, local people decided to build a Buddha here to ensure the safety of local people. This Buddha is Leshan Buddha. So, what's the matter with the four times' eyes closed 'of Leshan Giant Buddha? What are the four 'closed eyes' related to?

Many people will say that it is possible that the gods show their spirit. Since the construction of Leshan Giant Buddha, the number of shipwrecks on the river has indeed decreased a lot, which leads to the great belief in Leshan Giant Buddha. Leshan Giant Buddha has four times of 'closing eyes' in total. These four times of' closing eyes' are related to 'major events'. What is the matter? If there is an accident in Leshan Giant Buddha, will the local people feel panic? What happened to Leshan Buddha when he closed his eyes four times?

In 1962, for the first time, Leshan Giant Buddha closed his eyes. There was a famine in the local area. Countless people died in the disaster. Tens of thousands of bodies were floating on the Minjiang River. Therefore, local people thought that the reason why Leshan Giant Buddha closed his eyes was that he could not bear to see the human suffering.

In 1963, Leshan Giant Buddha closed his eyes for the second time. Last year's famine was not over, and death still hung over the local area. Although the government had repaired the eyes of Leshan Giant Buddha, it still closed its eyes in this year. According to the local people, Leshan Giant Buddha closed its eyes in pain because it could not stop the disaster.

In 1976, Leshan Giant Buddha closed his eyes for the third time. In the same year, the Tangshan earthquake occurred in China, and the Giant Buddha could not help but close his eyes;

In 2000, China's successful bid for the Olympic Games, it is said that Leshan Buddha was happy to 'close his eyes' and shed tears. Because the local people couldn't give a proper explanation for the four times, they associated the Buddha's "eyes closed" with the events of the same year. But if it's really because something important happened that the Buddha 'closed his eyes', over the years, the Buddha' closed his eyes' more than four times. What is the reason why Leshan Buddha closed his eyes? The truth of four times closing eyes of Leshan Giant Buddha

According to relevant experts, the reason why Leshan Buddha closed his eyes was the corrosive effect of acid rain. The continuous development of industry in the whole country has also caused certain damage to the environment, thus forming acid rain. The acid rain can cause the building surface to turn black. The acid rain corrodes the Leshan Buddha for a long time, making the color of the Buddha's face and eyes consistent. It looks like the Buddha has closed his eyes. In fact, it is only the acid rain that makes the Buddha turn black. When the Buddha 'closed his eyes', people often saw it shed tears. In fact, this is because the Buddha has its own drainage system, which makes people mistakenly think that it is tears. There is no direct connection between the big Buddha's eyes closed and the big event. If there is a connection, then the big Buddha has not closed his eyes for so many years, China should be harmless without disaster, but it is not the case.

So you don't need to connect the two in the future, otherwise if the Buddha 'closed his eyes' because of the acid rain on that day, and the people don't know the reason, causing panic in people's hearts, it's not very good.