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What's the best month to visit Xiamen? Recommended tourist attractions in Xiamen

Xiamen can be said to be a city of literature and art that can slow you down. If you boast that you are a young man of art, welcome to Xiamen for a walk in the alleys. Sea, island, University, double bike, specialty store, coffee house & hellip; one grass and one thing will never fail to live up to the word "literature and art", let you try out the adjustment of literature and art petty funds, even if you are dazed, it will be taken for granted. So, what's the best month to visit Xiamen? Xiamen tourist attractions

Best travel time:

March to May and September to November are the best travel times in Xiamen.

March May: it is the best recommended travel time. It is neither hot nor cold, just in time.

June August: the sunshine is getting stronger since June, and it is the hottest in July. Do a good job in sunscreen and summer vacation. It is worth emphasizing that around August every year, there are many typhoons. At this time, you must pay more attention to the weather information when you go to Xiamen. Due to the impact of typhoon, flights may be cancelled, some scenic spots along the coast may be closed, travel is difficult, and outdoor activities cannot be carried out, and the heavy rainfall brought by typhoon may even cause mountain mudslides. Therefore, typhoon season should be avoided.

September to November: the climate in Xiamen is pleasant at this time, and it can also be the first choice for Xiamen travel.

December february: the winter starts in December. The weather turns cold a little. The winter starts in December. The weather turns cold a little. Xiamen looks quiet in winter, but the weather is relatively warm, which is also suitable for playing. Where is the best place to visit Xiamen? Xiamen tourist attractions

Xiamen tourist attractions

Kulangsu tourist area

The most appropriate way to describe kulangsu is "sea garden". Standing on Xiamen Island, watching Gulangyu across the Lujiang River is like an elegant bonsai; if you shuttle among the green trees and flowers on the island, it's like entering a beautiful garden; if you sit on a rock beside the Qinyuan sea, you can listen to the waves in the music of the Qin. Surrounded by the blue sea, Gulangyu Island has jagged reefs, meandering coastline, green mountains, ups and downs of peaks and rocks. The marvelous nature has created a beautiful and meaningful island scenery of Gulangyu.

Nanputuo tourist area

Nanputuo tourist area is the most prosperous city center in Xiamen, and also a tourist area with the main characteristics of human tourism resources. In this area, you can go to the famous Nanputuo temple to feel the religious atmosphere, and then go for a walk to the nearby Xiamen University to feel the unique tranquility and romance of Xiamen University. You can also touch the big strip stone of Hulishan Fort & hellip;

Jimei tourist area

Jimei scenic area, beautiful scenery, enchanting. On the banks of Xunjiang River, there are national style buildings in South Fujian, which are hidden in the green trees and flowers. Pavilions and waterside pavilions stand by the glittering Dragon Boat pool. Chen Jiageng mausoleum, Chinese and foreign tourists will look up, Aoyuan relief, amazing.

Tong'an tourist area

The famous hometown of overseas Chinese and Taiwan compatriots is known as the land of Zou Lu on the seashore and the country of famous cultural relics. There is a long history of Sanskrit Temple surrounded by Sanskrit clouds. The original Jinguang Lake scenic spot is full of mystery. The deeds of hero three islands are very impressive. You can also overlook the scenery on the other side of the channel here.

Wanshishan tourist area

Wanshi mountain scenic area is located at the north foot of Shishan mountain in the east of the city, with beautiful mountains and rivers and lush trees. Wanshiyan reservoir has a clear water, and the mountains are full of strange flowers and trees. Temples, temples, pavilions and waterside pavilions are interspersed with it. There is a different world.

Haicang tourist area

In the area, there are not only Tianzhu Mountain Park with picturesque scenery, but also the first bridge Museum in China. The East Palace, qingjiao Tzu Chi palace, was built to commemorate the famous doctor Wu in the Northern Song Dynasty. If you are tired, you can also take a hot spring in the Sun Moon Valley to relieve the pain of your journey.