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What are Zunyi's red tourist attractions? Which district are these attractions located in?

When it comes to Zunyi, people who have studied the modern history of our country should be familiar with the name. Zunyi, a red cultural city, once held the last revolutionary conference of great significance here. People who want to see this red city might as well come here and have a look. What are the red tourist attractions in Zunyi?

Zunyi tourism in Guizhou

Site of the Zunyi meeting

Zunyi Conference site is located in Honghuagang District, Zunyi, which is an important turning point in the history of our country. Maybe without this conference, there would not be such a happy life as we are now. But to visit Zunyi Conference site, we must accept patriotism education. Tourists can enjoy the hard history, many historical photos and texts, as well as all kinds of objects used by the revolutionary martyrs. It's a place to increase historical knowledge and remember the revolutionary martyrs. It's worth visiting.

Red River Danxia tourist area & middot; waterfall

Chishui waterfall is located in the city of Chishui, Zunyi. It is a famous waterfall in China. It is also one of the most important scenic spots in Chishui tourist attraction. The waterfall is suspended on the red Danxia cliff, which is 8 meters higher than Huangguoshu waterfall. Therefore, it is necessary to visit the waterfall when visiting the scenic spot. The magnificent waterfall pours into the pool, the splashed water is crystal clear, and the sound of the waterfall is loud. If you are lucky, you can see the rainbow in the sun. If you climb the boulder in the pool, you can feel the waterfall at a close distance.

Sidonggou scenic spot

Sidonggou scenic area is also located in Chishui City, Zunyi. If you want to go to Chishui waterfall and here, you must visit Sidonggou scenic area first and then go to see Chishui waterfall. Otherwise, there will always be a contrast in your mind, which will affect your friends' experience. In Sidonggou scenic area, there are four level waterfalls arranged at approximately the same distance, with different postures. The four waterfalls are water curtain cave, Moon Lake, flying frog cliff and Bailong lake. Each has its own characteristics. Tourists can choose sightseeing bus or hiking.

Anan ancient town

Bing'an ancient town is an ancient town with a certain sense of age. The Red Army's four trips to Chishui took place here. At the same time, it can also be used as a foothold for small partners to visit and play. Here, you can see that there are many Diaojiao buildings supported on rocks by hundreds of logs on the river. It's very spectacular. Some photos are very good here. If you are interested in history, you can visit the exhibition hall of the Red Army to learn about the history of the Red Army's four trips to Chishui.

This is the introduction of Zunyi scenic spot. If you have a little friend who is going to visit here, remember to learn more about the stories of the revolutionary era, so that the tour will be more interesting.