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How to travel to Jiangnan on Dragon Boat Festival? Where is the best place to go?

This year 's Dragon Boat Festival is about to arrive. Many people begin to plan to take advantage of this small and long holiday to travel outside. Many Northerners choose to go to the south of the Yangtze River area to experience the style of the south of the Yangtze River. However, every year, the Dragon Boat Festival is the rainy season in the south. You should take an umbrella when you travel, but you can also see other beautiful sceneries when you travel in the south of the Yangtze River in rainy days. You can have a good choice. So, how to play the Dragon Boat Festival in Jiangnan? How to go the most substantial?

Dragon Boat Festival Jiangnan tourism strategy

Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai tourism routes:

Main cities: Hangzhou & rarr; Nanxun & rarr; Wuzhen & rarr; Shanghai & rarr; Suzhou

Day 1: West Lake (more than 2 hours) & rarr; lingyinsi (1-3 hours) & rarr; Xixi National Wetland Park (more than 2 hours)

The next day: Nanxun ancient town (more than 2 hours) & rarr; Wuzhen (more than 2 hours)

The third day: Shanghai Disney Park (more than 3 hours) → Shanghai Town God's Temple tourist area (1-3 hours) → the Bund (1-3 hours)

Day 4: Hanshan Temple (1-3 hours) & rarr; Humble Administrator Garden (1-3 hours) & rarr; Pingjiang Road (1-3 hours) & rarr; Fuxi guild hall (1 hour)

Wuzhen tourist route:

D1 caishenwan (30 minutes) & rarr; Jiangnan hundred bed Museum (30 minutes) & rarr; Wuzhen dongzha scenic spot Jiangnan folk custom museum (20 minutes) & rarr; Sanbai restaurant (30 minutes) & rarr; hongyuantai dyeing workshop (30 minutes) & rarr; Jiangnan woodcarving exhibition hall (0.5-1 hours) & rarr; Wuzhen dongzha scenic spot Maodun's former residence (30 minutes) & rarr; Huiyuan pawnshop (15 minutes)

D2 andufang Ferry (10 minutes) & rarr; grass and wood color dye house (30 minutes) & rarr; Xuchang soy sauce Garden (20 minutes) & rarr; Yichang Yefang (20 minutes) & rarr; zuqingtang (20 minutes) & rarr; Wuzhen xizha Scenic Area - Zhaoming Academy (30 minutes) & rarr; Wuzhen xizha Scenic Area - China Post Office (30 minutes) & rarr; water stage (30 minutes) & rarr; qiaoliqiao (10 minutes) & rarr; Wuzhen xizha scenic spot - bailianta (30 minutes) & rarr; yidasi workshop (20 minutes) & rarr; nvhong Street (30 minutes)

Xitang tourist route:

D1 West Street (1-2 hours) & rarr; shipilang (0.5 hours) & rarr; Ni Tianzeng ancestral home exhibition hall (0.5 hours) & rarr; Shengtang (0.5 hours) & rarr; Ming and Qing woodcarving Hall (0.5 hours)

D2 zhongfutang (0.5h) & rarr; Xiyuan (0.5h) & rarr; China Button Museum (0.5h) & rarr; Zhang zhenggen Sculpture Art Museum (0.5h) & rarr; Jiangnan Wadang exhibition hall (0.5h) & rarr; Yongning bridge (0.5h) & rarr; Yanyu corridor (0.5h) & rarr; gifted children to Fengqiao (0.5h) & rarr; Huanxiu bridge (0.5h) & rarr; zuiyuan (0.5h) & rarr; King's temple with grain (seven masters Temple) (0.5 hours)

Suzhou Tourist Route:

D1 Humble Administrator's Garden (2 hours) & rarr; Suzhou Museum (2 hours) & rarr; Pingjiang Road (1 hour) & rarr; Jinji Lake scenic spot (2 hours)

D2 Hanshan Temple (1 hour) & rarr; Huqiu mountain scenic spot (3 hours) & rarr; Qili mountain pond (2 hours) & rarr; mountain pond Kunqu Museum (2 hours)

Zhouzhuang tourist route:

D1 Zhouzhuang Museum (1 hour) & rarr; maze building (20 minutes) & rarr; Quanfu lecture Temple (30 minutes) & rarr; South Lake Autumn Moon Garden (2 hours) & rarr; ancient town water Lane Tour (20 minutes) & rarr; shenting (1 hour) & rarr; Zhangting (40 minutes) & rarr; double bridge (10 minutes)

Tongli tourist route:

D1 tuisiyuan (1 hour) & rarr; Pearl Tower (0.5 hour) & rarr; Suzhou Tongli Ancient Town tourist area Sanqiao scenic area (0.5 hour) & rarr; Chongbentang (1 hour) & rarr; jiayintang (0.5 hour) & rarr; Chen Qubing's former residence (1 hour) & rarr; Luo Xingzhou (1 hour)