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How much is the ticket to Dianchi Lake in Kunming? The best route for one day tour of Kunming Lake

Speaking of Kunming, we should all be familiar with it! There are many tourist attractions in Kunming, and Kunming Lake is one of the tourist attractions that must be ticked to Kunming. It is also the largest fresh water lake in Yunnan. The scenery of Kunming Lake (alias: Dianchi Lake) is also very charming. Walking or cycling along the lake is a good experience. How much is the admission fee of Kunming Dianchi Lake? How to play best?

How much is the ticket to Dianchi Lake in Kunming

The Dianchi Lake is open for free. Tourists don't need to pay any fees to visit it, but some scenic spots in the scenic area need to buy tickets. The Dianchi Lake is located at the foot of the west mountain, about 5 kilometers away from the city. The north end is next to the Daguan Park. The Yunnan Ethnic Village and the West Mountain Park are separated by water. You can walk along the viewing Road on the East Bank of the Dianchi Lake. This road is very beautiful. It can also be built in winter To feed the gull. How to play best in Kunming Dianchi Lake? Let's take the tourism strategy of Dianchi Lake!

Tourism strategy of Dianchi Lake in Kunming

Opening hours: all day

Address: no.1318 Dianchi Road, Xishan District, southwest of Kunming

Best time to visit: spring and summer, autumn and winter feeding seagulls.

Features of the scenic spot: photography, hiking, leisure, rafting, summer vacation, vacation, bird watching, historic sites, resort, lake, seagull

Transportation: take bus No. 24, 44, 73 to Haigeng Park and get off. In addition, Yunnan ethnic village has cable car to and from Haigeng Park and Xishan. What are the specialties of Dianchi Lake in Kunming? The best route of one-day tour in Dianchi Lake, Kunming

The best place to view seagulls: lakeside Landscape Road dam, which is not only the place where the red billed gulls fly, but also the scenic spot with the most beautiful scenery and rich cultural heritage in Kunming.

One day tour route: Grand View Park & rarr; Grand View Building & rarr; 'the first long association in the world' & rarr; waterside pavilion & rarr; Yunnan Ethnic Village & rarr; Xishan Forest Park & rarr; Longmen, etc.

Specialty: Yunnan Baiyao, Yunyan, Pu'er tea, Yunnan mushroom, Taihe Douchi, Baozhu pear, bone ginseng, etc.

Delicacies: cross bridge rice noodle, four Xi Tangyuan, buckwheat bun, Taishi cake, Dudu Shao sell, shepherd's purse dumpling, stewed rice with ham and beans, cold shrimp with rose rice, brine bait, Lunan dairy cake, Dengchuan milk fan, etc.