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Where is 798 Art District in Beijing? How can I get to 798 Art District in Beijing?

Beijing is also a city suitable for tourism. There are many tourist attractions in Beijing. Now, after all, the most popular place to take photos is 798 Art District in Beijing. It is a creative park transformed from some old factories. Now it has become a gathering place for literary and art youths and a street shooting place. There are many distinctive shops here. Young people who come to Beijing for tourism are basically coming If you punch in here, you'll need a tour guide of Beijing 798 Art District. So, how can I get to Beijing 798 Art District? Is there a charge?

Beijing 798 Art District

Address: No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Opening hours: the art district is open all day, most of the galleries are 10:00-18:00 (most of the galleries are closed on Monday).

Admission: the art district is free of charge, and individual art centers and galleries are charged separately. How can I get to 798 Art District in Beijing? How long does it take to play?

Transportation Guide:


Take 401, 402, 405, 445, 909, 955, 955, 973, 988, 991 [Dashanzi Road South] or [wangyefen] to get off.

Self driving

Get off the expressway at Dashanzi intersection of airport expressway, turn right to Jiuxianqiao Road, turn left at the first intersection to Wanhong Road, and then turn left to the South Gate parking building of 798 Art District after about 200m.


Take metro line 14 to Wangjing south station and walk there

Travel time: 798 Art District covers a large area, about 1km in length and width. Each gallery, exhibition hall, Art Center, etc. are distributed in a transformed factory building. You can walk along the road to visit one by one. Generally, tourists can simply visit here for about half a day. If you carefully watch exhibitions, works of art, etc., it will take a day.

Shops and restaurants: in addition to galleries and art centers, there are many art shops, cafes and restaurants in the street. Art shops sell all kinds of small works of art with distinctive features, such as painted pottery and cloth art, which can be purchased according to personal interests. The caf é and restaurant environment here are very artistic. Most of the restaurants are mainly western food, but the prices are more expensive than other places. If you don't want to eat here, you should prepare some snacks and drinking water before playing.

This Beijing 798 Art Zone tour strategy is introduced here. In fact, this art zone doesn't need to make a detailed strategy. Basically, it's OK to walk around and have a look at it at will, and take photos when you meet your favorite place.