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What are the places worth playing in Beijing? The best places to visit in Beijing

Beijing is the capital of our country. Many people go to Beijing for tourism in these years. As one of the ancient capitals, Beijing is a charming city, with both classical charm and fashion atmosphere. So, what are the places worth playing in Beijing? Where do you want to go most?

tian'anmen square

Tian'anmen Square is located on the central axis of Beijing and the central square of the Republic. Many national symbols such as Tian'anmen tower, the Great Hall of the people, the National Museum, the monument of the people's heroes and so on are all located here. Various large-scale celebrations are also held here. The flag raising ceremony every morning attracts countless tourists to visit.

The Imperial Palace

Most tourists who come to Beijing for the first time will take the Forbidden City as a must. The Forbidden City, also known as the Forbidden City, is the imperial palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties, and also the symbol of ancient China. Although it is no longer the political center of China, you can still feel its glory when you are in the high wall and deep courtyard.

Badaling Great Wall

The Badaling Great Wall is known as one of the nine plugs in the world, and its scenery is magnificent, steep and beautiful. It is the essence of the the Great Wall scenery and a very famous part of the Great Wall. "Not to the Great Wall is not a hero", many Chinese people take it as the first choice to climb the Great Wall.

Summer Palace

The summer palace was originally the Imperial Palace and garden of the Qing Dynasty, also known as Qingyi Garden. It was built on the basis of Kunming Lake and Wanshou mountain according to the design method of Jiangnan garden. It is a very large-scale and well preserved Royal Garden in China, with elegant scenery and many precious cultural relics. It is known as the "Royal Garden Museum".

Old Summer Palace

Yuanmingyuan is a famous Royal Garden in Qing Dynasty. It is composed of Yuanmingyuan, Changchun Garden and Yichun garden. It is very rich and beautiful in history and has the reputation of "garden of ten thousand gardens". In 1860, the British and French allied forces burned the main buildings to ashes. Now tourists can only come to look for the magnificent imperial figure in the wreckage.

All the above scenic spots are necessary for my friends to come to Beijing. I hope they will like them.