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How to play in Lijiang ancient city? A list of interesting scenic spots in Lijiang ancient city

Lijiang is the most famous tourist city. Every year, many people come to Lijiang for tourism. Lijiang ancient city can be said to be a must punch in scenic spot. There are many people going to visit Lijiang on holidays. After all, this place is also the holy land of "sexual encounter". At this time, many people want to know some must play scenic spots in Lijiang ancient city? Which scenic spots have Lijiang characteristics?

What are the scenic spots in Lijiang ancient city

Big water wheel

The big waterwheel is one of the most popular scenic spots in the ancient city, which is also a symbol of the ancient city. If you come to Lijiang ancient town, you have to punch in here. There are two waterwheels, some say it's a mother and some say it's a lover's waterwheel. Almost everyone who plays in Lijiang ancient city will take a group photo here.

Wan Gu Lou

Vanguard tower is also a building worthy of punch in. The appearance of attic building is very magnificent. What's more, vanguard tower has a high terrain, which is an excellent place for viewing and photographing the panorama of Lijiang ancient city. Tourists who are fond of photography will not miss it.

Sifang Street

Sifang street is the most bustling street in the ancient city. It is very busy both in the day and at night. Shops, food streets and bar streets are densely distributed nearby, and tourists are like weaving. During the day, tourists linger here, and local people meet here. Every afternoon, a group of old Naxi women dressed in ethnic costumes will dance here; In the evening, it's a happy place. You can dance around the bonfire, or swing with the rhythm of the wandering singer, and feel free.

Great Stone Bridge

Dashiqiao, built in Ming Dynasty, has a history of 5600 years. It is the largest stone arch bridge in the ancient city, and it is the traffic thoroughfare of the East and west parts of the ancient city. Dashiqiao is the extension of the Sifang street market. It used to be the monopoly of linen, so it is also called mahbuqiao. In the past, "Dashiqiao" was also called "yingxueqiao" because its downstream water can reflect the Yulong Snow peak. However, due to the change of the surrounding architectural pattern, the scene no longer exists, which is a pity.

Mu Fu

Mufu is a landmark building in the ancient city. After visiting other scenic spots in the ancient town, you can also come here to have a look. After hundreds of years of glory, most of Mufu was destroyed in the war at the end of Qing Dynasty, and the remaining part was seriously damaged in the Lijiang earthquake in 1996. At present, most of what we see is rebuilt in 1999. Although it is a reconstruction, it does not prevent it from becoming a representative building in the ancient city of Lijiang.

Wenchang Palace

If you want to see a panoramic view of Lijiang ancient city, you can go to Wenchang palace in addition to the vanguard tower. You can overlook the whole ancient city of Lijiang with a very wide view. There are many people who come here for the best view and landscape. There are many sightseeing inns and tea drinking places along the way. You can wear them from the alley of bar street or from Sifang street to lion mountain Come on.

In view of the problem of what scenic spots are in Lijiang ancient city, the above introduces some famous scenic spots, and some others are not mentioned. Anyway, the recommended scenic spots are all to be visited. This is the introduction of scenic spots in Lijiang ancient city, hoping to give you some reference and understanding.