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How many meters above sea level is Daocheng Aden? A list of the altitude of each scenic spot in Yadi

Since the release of "passing by from all over the world", Daocheng Yading has been a place for people to think about and the best place for lovers to travel. It is famous for its original ecological natural scenery and style. The whole scenic area is very large, with lofty snow mountains, lush meadows and colorful lakes. In short, the beautiful scenery of snow plateau is all gathered in the same place This has become a paradise for many tourists and photographers. Many people know that the altitude of Daocheng Aden is high. How many meters is the altitude of Daocheng Aden? Is the altitude of Daocheng Aden serious?

How many meters above sea level is Daocheng Aden

Before going to Daocheng Yading, many people will first pay attention to the altitude of the scenic spot, because it involves a problem of plateau reaction. The altitude of the whole scenic spot is basically 2900 meters (gonggahekou) to 6032 meters (xiannairi peak), the altitude of Yading airport is 4100 meters, that of Daocheng County is 3700 meters, that of Chonggu temple is 3900 meters, that of Pearl Sea is 4080 meters, and that of Luorong cattle farm is 4180 meters Meters, the milk sea is about 4600 meters. If you want to have a good sleep, you can choose to stay in riwa township. The altitude here is about 2900, and the accommodation conditions are good. Is the altitude reaction of Yading in Daocheng serious? How to prevent high altitude reaction?

Is the level of Aden in Daocheng serious

Because daochengyading is a high altitude area, many people will worry about the problem of altitude response. Generally, the altitude response is different from person to person. Generally, the response is more or less. You can experience taking Rhodiola to prevent it. Before you start, you can eat Rhodiola a week in advance. If you go to the scenic spot and eat it, it may not work. Generally, there will be headache at the plateau The symptoms of tachycardia, palpitation and shortness of breath will disappear gradually after 1-2 days of adaptation.

It's the plateau that many people worry about when they go to Daocheng Yading. Some people may have to be hospitalized if their altitude reaction is serious. Some people may have some mild symptoms, so it's better to adapt, but it's better to take Rhodiola in advance for prevention.