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Is travel expensive in Jiuzhaigou? How much is a three-day tour in Jiuzhaigou?

When it comes to Jiuzhaigou, I'm sure you'll all be familiar with it! The scenery of Jiuzhaigou all year round can be said to be very beautiful. This place is a fairy tale world in the hearts of many people. The scenery of this place is really not as beautiful as the human world, and the scenery of one season and one scene has its own flavor, so there are endless tourists here. So, is it expensive to visit Jiuzhaigou? How much is the three-day tour of Jiuzhaigou?

How much is a three-day tour in Jiuzhaigou

Basically, Jiuzhaigou has to arrange at least three days for tourism, which is not too compact. To roughly estimate the three-day tourism budget of Jiuzhaigou, we need to estimate the transportation cost, travel time, accommodation conditions and scenic spot tickets. In this way, the three-day and four-day travel costs 1000-3000 yuan The use of talent table is reasonable. The following small part will give you a detailed analysis of the following costs:

Attractions: Jiuzhaigou tickets are relatively expensive, 220 yuan / person in peak season, 80 / person in off season, and charged by day.

Catering: the only dining place in the scenic area is NuoRiLang service center, which has buffet of 60, 98 and 138 gears, and instant noodles of 15 yuan. There are some restaurants from Jiuzhaigou pass to jiulongqiao outside the scenic spot. The price is about 50 yuan per capita.

Accommodation: the average price of three-star hotel is about 220, and the average price of four-star hotel is about 350.

Transportation: the one-way bus from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou is about 150-200 yuan. The price of sightseeing car in the scenic spot is 80 yuan / person in the off-season and 90 yuan / person in the peak season.

As for how much is the three-day tour in Jiuzhaigou, the editor has only roughly made a budget for everyone. Basically, the cost per capita of 1-3000 is reasonable. Of course, it is only for reference. The specific cost should be based on the actual situation.