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Is Kunming's Stone Forest worth going to? How far is Shilin from Kunming?

Kunming is one of the most famous tourist cities in China. Every year, many people visit Kunming, and Kunming is the most famous stone forest. Stone forest is one of the scenic spots that must be played in Kunming. It is a signboard scenic spot in Kunming, and also a typical karst landscape scenic spot. The peak forest is transformed into various forms. It's really interesting. My friends who haven't gone want to know if Yunnan stone forest is necessary? How far is Shilin from Kunming?

Is it necessary to go to Yunnan Stone Forest

If you go to Kunming for tourism, you must go to this scenic spot, which is very interesting. The whole scenic spot is centered on the large and small stone forest scenic spot. The famous Ashima stone stands in the small stone forest scenic spot. There are also Shenjun, cluster stone Qingtian and other landscapes in the small stone forest, all of which have different forms; In Dashi forest area, there are such wonders as "two birds crossing the food", "rhinoceros watching the moon", "lotus peak", "Stone Forest Wonderland", "Shiping wind". It is suggested to hire a commentator, which will definitely give you a new understanding of the stone forest. How far is Shilin from Kunming? How much does it cost from Kunming to Shilin?

How far is Shilin from Kunming

Generally speaking, it starts directly from Kunming. There are several buses to the stone forest scenic spot in the East passenger station of Kunming every day, with a fare of about 34 yuan. There are also special buses to the stone forest scenic spot in Changshui airport of Kunming, with a fare of about 45 yuan. In addition, you can take a train to the stone forest fire station, and then transfer to No. 5 bus, or take a taxi to the scenic spot.

The information about the stone forest and the transportation above have all made a brief introduction to you. Friends who want to know may have a look. Those who have not been to the scenic area can still go there. The whole scenic area is tired on foot. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes.