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Is Nanluoguxiang fun in Beijing? What are the interesting places in Nanluoguxiang?

Beijing is also one of the four ancient capitals, so there are many left over buildings in Beijing. Beijing siheyuan can be said to be a unique building in Beijing. Many people like to go to Beijing siheyuan to turn around. Nanluoguxiang is a very representative old alley in Beijing. It combines the taste of the old Beijing alley with the flirtation of petty bourgeoisie. It is absolutely a place for young people of literature and art to go There are many unique small shops and various delicacies. They are also one of the hutongs where you must punch in when you come to Beijing. So, what's the fun in Nanluoguxiang?

What's fun in Nanluoguxiang

Meet authentic food

There are many food shops in Nanluoguxiang. If you want to taste the food, you must taste the local famous food. The food in Nanluoguxiang is more famous in Wenyu cheese shop. The original cheese, double skin milk and sour plum soup are its characteristics. There will always be a long queue. Both passers-by and smack have creative flavor pizza, passer-by lamb kebab pizza, smack kung pao chicken pizza, Beijing roast duck Pizza is great. There is no corn juice here, but it's thick corn juice. It's also delicious. We need to taste it one by one.


Delicacy is definitely needed to eliminate food, so start walking around the street and go to the characteristic shop. Band aids 8 is one of the shops that must be visited. The shop sells the T-shirts that represent the old fellow Beijing cultural patterns, such as the enamel red basin and the old iron toys. There are, of course, many small shops with various characteristics. You can explore them slowly, and the names are also quite interesting.

Taste the ancient buildings in the old alley

In the Hutong on both sides of the main street, there are fewer and fewer tourists. One old house tells the history of old Beijing. At present, there are Qibaishi old house Memorial Hall (Yuer hutong), Maodun old house (No. 13 houyuanensi hutong), etc. open to the public. In addition, the Central Academy of Drama (39 dongmian hutong) is also located in NanLuoGu lane.

It's good to spend an afternoon strolling in Nanluoguxiang. Many literary and art youths like to come here. They are very popular with young people. They have delicious and beautiful characteristic shops and good streets.