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Where is Guangxi Beihai better to go? Beihai must play tourist attractions recommendation

Nowadays, the pace of young people's life can be said to be relatively fast. Many office workers will face heavy work pressure and life pressure. At this time, many people like the idea of finding a slow and quiet city to live in for a period of time in their leisure time, and give their body and mind a good relaxation. The most suitable destination is Beihai, Guangxi, which is the top ten in China One of the livable cities, a city suitable for life is certainly suitable for tourism. So, do you know that Beihai, Guangxi must play a tourist attraction?

No.1 Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island is definitely a travel card of the North Sea. Many people come to visit the North Sea for the beautiful scenery of Weizhou Island. It is the largest island in Guangxi and the largest dead volcano island in China. Traces of volcanic rocks can be seen everywhere on the island. Each small scenic spot has its own style. You can watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset in Weizhou Island, or enjoy the pleasure of cycling around the island You can also enjoy rich water sports. If you are a foodie, the cheap and delicious seafood will definitely stimulate your taste buds.

NO.2 Silver Beach

This is a beach resort with a lot of entertainment facilities. It is very popular in the local area. On weekends, many people come here to swim and experience water projects. What's fat and soft on the beach? It hardly leaves footprints when stepping on it barefoot, and it will reflect light silver under the sun. So it's called "Silver Beach". In the evening, rent a beach chair to lie down and enjoy the day The setting of sunset is very pleasant.

No.3 Beihai old street

Beihai old street has a history of more than 100 years. The whole street is almost a Chinese and Western arcade style building, with smooth lines and exquisite workmanship. Now it is a very distinctive commercial street, full of all kinds of small shops. You can stroll in the old street slowly, carefully experience the taste of the old street, and taste the delicious food in the old street.

No.4 Qiaogang style street

If you want to eat, you can't miss this place. This is the most popular food street in Beihai, with a total length of only 200 meters. It's all local specialties. Especially in the evening, it's very busy. There are seafood barbecue stalls everywhere. You can also taste a lot of Vietnamese delicious food. If you can't survive, you can go to Yintan for a walk. You can't live without it Far away.

No.5 guantouling National Forest Park

Guantouling National Forest Park often sees new people taking wedding photos. There are not only lush forests but also beautiful reef beaches. You can take a walk on the beach, take photos with 'withered sea and rotten rocks' reef turtles. You can also go to wanglouling to overlook the coastal scenery and see the sunset. There is a Pudu temple near the top viewing platform, where you can go in and worship.

The above recommended scenic spots are required to punch in to Beihai. If you want to experience slow life in Beihai, you should have plenty of time. It's better to live in a small place for a few days, so that you can deeply experience the life in Beihai.