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How many months is it most suitable to go to Chengdu Panda Base? What's the best time to see a giant

Naive giant panda is the national treasure of our country. I believe many people are very interested in giant panda. If you want to learn more about giant panda, you can go to the giant panda breeding base in Chengdu, Sichuan Province to see where you can get rid of your doubts? Panda breeding research base has scientific research building, open research laboratory, animal hospital, animal house and panda activity field, Swan Lake, giant panda museum, giant panda hospital, giant panda kitchen and other facilities, and its natural environment is also very superior. Is there a proper time to travel to the research base of giant panda breeding?

What time is it better to go to the panda base?

The research base of giant panda breeding is located at No. 1375, panda Avenue, the Third Ring Road outside Chenghua District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. It should be noted that it is better to go to the panda base at 8-10 a.m., when the pandas are basically outside in the sun, which is easier to watch. And it usually takes two hours to get to and from the city, while Chengdu's road back to the city in the afternoon is only one because of the subway construction. When it comes to the rush hour, it's not blocked. So in general, it's better to take a bus to the base in the morning to see the pandas, and then return to the city at noon.

Ticket for panda base: 58 yuan (half price for students)

At the gate of the panda base, the shape of the gate is like that of a panda. Does it feel sprouted. With the student ID card, the ticket is half price 29 yuan. I am very happy.

The best way to visit Panda Base

It is suggested to go to the sun delivery room or the moon delivery room first to see the young giant panda, get up at about 9 o'clock, climb, eat and soon get tired and go to sleep.

There are more giant pandas in the moon delivery room, and they are a little older. They have rich movements. The sun delivery room is relatively small. I was only three months old when I went, and I got up and shivered. Although the movements are not many, they are super cute.

Adult giant pandas are lively and active. You can go to see them later. Adult giant pandas are mainly in villas 1 and 2, which are on the same line and can be seen along the way.

After watching the giant panda, go to see the little panda again. They are the most lively. Don't worry about their sleeping problems.

When watching the giant panda, you must be patient. If you have enough time, it is suggested to wait a little longer in front of the sleeping panda, so that when it wakes up, you can take pictures in the nearest place.

Panda base is a place where you can go for a day, so you must bring dry food. Only in the moon delivery room can see the place to receive water, so the water should also take as many points as possible.

To see the newly born giant pandas, I need to go in June and July. They are three months old, but they are also super cute. When can the pink giant panda see it? How many months are giant pandas usually born?

How many months are giant pandas usually born?

People who are familiar with the giant panda know that the baby panda is not born in black and white, but in pink. Therefore, to travel to the giant panda research base is to choose the breeding period of the giant panda, that is, every autumn, when there is a better chance to see the appearance of the newborn baby panda, which many other zoos cannot meet.

How many months is it suitable for the research base of giant panda breeding? Although the research base of giant panda breeding is open all year round, September to November is the time to go to the research base of giant panda breeding, because at this time to travel, you can see very rare pink baby giant panda just born in the nursery. In addition, from September to November every year, Chengdu has the most comfortable climate. There is neither hot summer nor cold winter. Generally speaking, it is very suitable for outdoor activities.