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Is Nanjing Confucius Temple fun? The historical origin of Nanjing Confucius Temple

Nanjing is also a city suitable for tourism. There are many tourist attractions in Nanjing. Generally, foreigners will go to Confucius temple when they go to Nanjing, but locals will not recommend Confucius Temple. They think it's no fun, because locals must have seen a lot. Even if they don't go to Confucius temple when they go to Nanjing, they will never go to Nanjing, so anyway Confucius Temple is still going to visit, so what's fun about Nanjing Confucius Temple?

What's interesting about Nanjing Confucius Temple?

Confucius Temple Qinhuai scenic area refers to the Qinhuai River area with Confucius Temple as the center, including streets and lanes on both sides, folk houses and nearby historic sites, scenic spots, etc. Liu Yuxi's poem "swallow in front of Wang Xie Tang in the old days, common people's house of flying people" in "Wuyi lane" means here.

This area has been one of the most prosperous places in Nanjing since ancient times, and it is also a must for many tourists to visit Nanjing. Here you can not only see the historical buildings of Nanjing, the ancient capital, but also eat the most authentic Qinhuai snacks. Go deep into the streets or boating on the Qinhuai River, and feel the local conditions and people from different perspectives. At night, the colorful lights are on everywhere, which is brilliant. It's even more wonderful to stay in Qinhuai at night. There are festival activities in the four seasons of the scenic area, such as spring cultural temple fair, summer of Qinhuai (community cultural and Art Festival), autumn Confucius Temple food festival, winter Jinling Lantern Festival, etc.

In addition to the Confucius Temple, there are also scenic spots such as "the first garden of Jinling", the largest imperial examination hall in ancient China, Jiangnan Gongyuan, the former residence of "Peach Blossom Fan" legend Li Xiangjun, the former residence of xie'an, the noble leader of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Wuyi Lane, the private garden Bailuzhou Gongyuan of Xu Da, the founder of the Ming Dynasty, the Chinese gate of the world's largest urn City, and the former residence of Wu Jingzi, the author of "the history of scholars".

To visit Qinhuai River area, delicious food is also a major feature. This area is full of teahouses, restaurants and street snacks. Among them, there are eight wonders of Qinhuai, which are worth tasting. You can't miss them.

What's interesting about Nanjing Confucius Temple? In fact, there are still many interesting places in this area. In the evening, the scenery of Confucius Temple Qinhuai is really beautiful, and there are many snacks. This place is still to go.