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How many places do you like to play in Dalian?

Dalian is also a popular tourist city in China. Every year, many people go to Dalian for tourism. This place is very suitable for both free travel and parent-child travel. So, do you know which scenic spots in Dalian are more interesting and less beautiful? So, what do you know about the attractions that locals in Dalian think are fun?

Venice water city

It's a man-made scenic spot, but the architecture of the water city is very beautiful, with European flavor. You can also take a boat tour. Near Dalian port, there is Donggang Music Fountain Square next to it, which is a good place for taking photos and leisure. The view of the road along the coast of Donggang is also beautiful, especially at sunset.

Fisherman's Wharf

Located near tiger beach, there are many colorful houses, many fishing boats stop at the wharf, which is very suitable for taking pictures of literature and art. It's also very beautiful to watch the sunset in the evening. There is also a cat's Sky City bookstore nearby. In short, it belongs to Literature and art small fresh must punch card.

Zhongshan Plaza

Zhongshan square shows the European style and architectural beauty of Dalian. Dalian has a lot of squares, landmark Xinghai Square, and some are just turntables or intersections. In fact, Zhongshan Square is also a large turntable, but what's special is that most of the surrounding buildings were built in the early 20th century, with Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and eclectic styles. The layout is Paris style radiation layout, which is now used by all financial institutions.

Russian style street

The whole street is not long. There are some Russian style buildings and many small commodities with Russian style. The buildings have national characteristics and are suitable for taking photos. It is not recommended to buy small commodities. There is also Dalian art museum on the street. You can visit it.

Coastal road

You can feel the beauty of Dalian more by taking the coastal road. Here you can see the sea breeze. The beautiful Haizhiyun Park, Bangchui Island, Tiger Beach Ocean Park, etc. are in the East. The middle part includes Yanwoling, Beidaqiao, xiuyuefeng and other scenic spots. The west part is connected with forest zoo and Xinghai Square. There are few buses. You can take the bus. It is recommended to ride or walk.

In addition to seeing the popular scenic spots, there are also many minority scenic spots that many local people will go to. It introduces where the local people in Dalian go to play. These places may also be arranged into your itinerary.