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How many months does thin West Lake go best? How much is the ticket for the thin West Lake?

Yangzhou is also a more fun place. Yangzhou's thin West Lake is undoubtedly one of the most popular scenic spots in Yangzhou. Basically, every little friend who goes to Yangzhou will go to the thin West Lake to have a look at its beauty, but those who haven't been there may have some questions. How many months is the best time to go to the thin West Lake? How much is the ticket for Yangzhou thin West Lake?

How much is the ticket for Yangzhou thin West Lake

Yangzhou thin West Lake is a famous 5A tourist scenic spot in China. Although it was first famous for the West Lake, it also gained a large number of fans because of its unique and beautiful scenery. At the same time, the tickets for the thin West Lake in the peak season and the off-season are quite different. The tickets for the peak season are up to 150 yuan / person, while the tickets for the off-season are only 30 yuan / person. Moreover, it also has preferential policies like other scenic spots. For children under 6 years old The tickets for children and the elderly over 70 years old are free with limited certificates. The tickets for minors and the elderly aged 60-69 years old are half price with valid certificates. Students and teachers are also half price with their own valid certificates. For other licensed people, they can enjoy free treatment, but the details are subject to the scenic area. How many months is it best to go to thin West Lake?

It's best to go to Slender West Lake in a few months

Many little friends who have not been to the thin West Lake may think that March is the best time to go, because after all, there is a famous saying left by the ancients, "Yangzhou under fireworks in March". Although the scenery of Yangzhou in March is really beautiful and moving, there are many people. March and April are the two months when the number of tourists to the thin West Lake is the largest. At this time, although it is possible to see the beauty of the thin West Lake But it's also easy to go to see the head, which will affect the travel experience. And because people are more careless, they may go away with their companions. In fact, in addition to the two peak months of March and April, it's good to go to the thin West Lake in winter. Although the temperature of the thin West Lake in winter is low, and there's a sense of desolation, you can see the thin West Lake model covered by snow with good luck For example, the whole scenic area is less desolate and more holy under the snow cover, which also depends on how the kids choose.

The question about Yangzhou thin West Lake was introduced to my friends. Those who are not far away can choose to drive to it by themselves, which is also convenient to visit.