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Where is happy valley in Beijing? How much is the ticket for Happy Valley in Beijing?

It's a good time to visit Beijing. Beijing is now in the time of World Expo tourism. But we all know that Beijing has many interesting places besides the World Expo. Beijing Happy Valley is one of them. So, do you know where Beijing Happy Valley is? How much is the fare of Happy Valley? What's the fun? What kind of people are suitable for playing?

Where is happy valley in Beijing?

Beijing Happy Valley is located in the southeast corner of Sifang bridge, the Fourth Ring Road in the east of Beijing. It is connected with Beijing Harbin Expressway in the north, east to the Fourth Ring Road in the East, east to the West Road in the planning, and west to the South Road in the planning. It is 10.2km away from Tian'anmen, 5 minutes to CBD and 5 minutes to the entrance of Jingjintang expressway. Take Metro Line 7 to Happy Valley Scenic Spot station; take bus lines: 41, 31, 740, 752, 657, 29, 713 and walk for a few minutes at houfengqiao south, hongyanqiao, Zinan home, Shuanglong supermarket, etc. Metro Line 7 is direct.

How much is Beijing Happy Valley fare?

Full price ticket: 260 yuan / person for children and adults over 1.5m; 160 yuan / person for children between 1.2m (including 1.2m) and 1.5m (including 1.5m); 60 yuan / person for seniors between 65 and 69 (entering the park with valid ID card); and 1.2m for children under 1.2m (each ticket purchasing adult is limited to a child less than 1.2m in height), the elderly over 70 (including 70 years old) enter the park with their own valid identity documents, and the disabled with the second generation of disability certificate issued by the national disabled persons' Federation are exempted from tickets. The blind, mentally disabled and the disabled who can't take care of their own life need to be accompanied by their family (ticket purchasing). What's fun about happy valley in Beijing? What kind of people is Beijing Happy Valley suitable for?

What's fun about happy valley in Beijing?

Beijing Happy Valley selects world classic civilization and creative wisdom, elaborately sets up more than 50 theme landscapes, more than 10 theme performances, 51 theme amusement facilities, more than 20 theme games and commercial auxiliary facilities, creating a mysterious and dreamlike world. Beijing Happy Valley has more than 300000 square meters of greening and 80000 square meters of lake surface, which endows Happy Valley with good ecological environment; seven theme areas endow Happy Valley with unique human temperament; international and domestic double standard safety detection, humanized service supporting and intelligent park wide information system endow Happy Valley with world-class quality; International top amusement facilities and international gold medal Its acting strength gives Happy Valley a leading position in the world.

What kind of people is Beijing Happy Valley suitable for?

Beijing Happy Valley is a happy place for the whole family. All men, women, old and young can enjoy the joy. Young people can enjoy the dazzling experience of eight top entertainment devices in the world, such as crystal wings, fast cars and sun cars, and fully experience the romance and mystery brought by Shangri La and the golden face Dynasty. The elderly can follow the footsteps of Aegean Bay and Mayan Town, board the soothing Atlantis energy gathering spacecraft, search for historical relics, sort out the context of civilization, and experience the fantastic human charm of each major theme area. Children can walk into the ant kingdom, learn all kinds of knowledge about society, nature and ecology, experience acceleration, weightlessness, diversity of vegetation, interest of art, color, nature, music and sports; Beijing Happy Valley is rich in recreational facilities, landscapes, performances and games, which will definitely let people of different ages and hobbies choose what they like and enjoy. Attractive features will stage the carnival that will never end in the capital. What's fun in Beijing Happy Valley? Is there any art performance in Beijing Happy Valley?

Is there any art performance in Beijing Happy Valley?

The large-scale tourism art performance is an important aspect of the international quality of overseas Chinese town tourism. It has won the gold medal of large-scale stage art of the world iaapa conference. Based on Inheritance and innovation, Beijing Happy Valley focuses on first-class expert teams at home and abroad. Theater performance, scenic spot theme performance, film and television shooting performance, tour performance, water performance, funny performance and other different forms of performance art are fully displayed, bringing you dreamlike art enjoyment.