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Have you ever been to the famous mountain with the highest income in China?

Nowadays, mountain climbing has become a very common way for people to travel. Visiting famous mountains can not only enjoy the magnificent scenery, but also exercise their physical fitness, which is really a matter of killing two birds with one stone. This kind of travel mode has also brought new development direction to many backward mountain areas. They have made their own mountain into a tourist attraction and developed the tourism development mode of mountain areas, but also achieved great success. Recently, according to statistics, the most profitable mountain has come out. Have you guessed it?

A place becomes rich because of a mountain. Guarding the mountain is like guarding a money tree. With a mountain scenic area driving the local residents to become rich, the whole town has gradually become rich. But with the continuous improvement of famous mountain scenic spots, tickets are becoming more and more expensive, and even many tourists feel that climbing is a luxury. Among the numerous mountains in China, I wonder if you have thought about which one is the most profitable?

According to the data, this mountain is neither Mount Tai nor Mount Huang, but Mount Wudang. It is understood that Wudang Mountain can earn more than 5 billion yuan a year, which is several times higher than the income of other mountains. It's very curious that Wudang Mountain is not one of the five mountains in China, but why does it have such a high income? Mainly because Wudang Mountain is the birthplace of Taoism and the place where many Taoist families make pilgrimages.

The history of Wudang Mountain may be traced back to the history of China. It was named "holy mountain" at the end of the Yuan Dynasty and reached its peak during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty. Wudang Mountain is dedicated to the emperor Zhenwu. Those who go up the mountain are mostly believers. They come here for their own beliefs.

Later, the Taoist temples on Wudang Mountain were broken. After they were divided into key scenic spots, they were rebuilt and restored, and became a popular tourist attraction. Now Wudang Mountain is still full of incense and people's voices. Among the numerous tourists, believers only account for a small part, and more tourists are attracted to Wudang for its fame.

Before Wudang Mountain tickets can be said to be very high, can be up to 100 yuan a piece, but still can not stop tourists from going to worship. Not only that, Wudang Mountain is also very popular with foreigners. It's not unusual to see foreigners on the way to Wudang Mountain. Some foreigners even believe in Chinese Taoism when they come to Wudang Mountain.

Now the tickets of Wudang Mountain have been greatly reduced, which makes the tourists happy. A large number of tourists went to Wudang Mountain to see the real face. I wonder if you have ever been to Wudang Mountain?