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Is Xi'an expensive? How much is the three-day tour of Xi'an?

Xi'an has always been a popular tourist city. Since it became a "red city on the Internet", its popularity has been rising. When it comes to holidays, Xi'an will welcome many tourists from all directions. Many people like to visit Xi'an for a tour. Friends who want to visit Xi'an must want to know the high consumption of Xi'an? How much does Xi'an travel cost? How much does a three-day tour of Xi'an cost?

How much does it cost to visit Xi'an

Basically, a general budget will be made for the tourism to Xi'an. The largest proportion of the tourism consumption in Xi'an is the ticket consumption of each scenic spot, including 120 for terra cotta warriors, 54 for the ancient city wall and other scenic spots. The catering consumption of yongxingfang and Huimin street is slightly higher as a whole, 15-35 yuan for beef and mutton paomo, 8-15 yuan for roujiamo; The accommodation is mainly in the bell tower, Drum Tower and Huimin street. The price of Qinglv multi room hotel is 40-70 yuan / person, the standard room of economy chain hotel is 150-250 yuan / night, and the price of high-end star hotel is 450-800 yuan / night. The price will fluctuate with the light and peak seasons.

Approximate cost of three-day tour in Xi'an

The general consumption level of Xi'an is like this. If you go to play for three days, you have to prepare at least 1500 or so. If the budget is enough, the cost of three-day tour is about 1500-2000 per capita. If you stay, you can choose a new economic hotel, with a difference of not more than 150-350. The specific price is also closely related to holidays. Then the consumption of catering is also included Affordable, it doesn't cost much to eat some local specialties. 1500 is almost enough.

It basically gives you an estimate of the approximate cost of three days tour in Xi'an. Basically, 1500 is enough. The main expense is on the tickets of the scenic spots. Xiaobian thinks that some scenic spots need not be omitted, and only the best scenic spots will be available.