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Beijing's hottest snack street

Beijing, there are many people to travel in recent years. We all know that there are many places to visit in Beijing, but the most important thing we can not miss when we travel to a place is the local food. So, do you know which snack streets are there in Beijing? Which one is the most famous? What snacks are there on this street?

Nanluoguxiang is a very popular tourist attraction in Beijing. Of course, there are many delicious things hidden. It's also a very pleasant thing to eat while shopping.

Nye Ji

The signboard at the door of the shop, which is said to be the most delicious bread, as well as the reputation of Kangxi, can also arouse people's interest. It smells that it has a strong coffee taste, and the outer skin is crisp, like a crisp shell. It's good to bite off the slag, but there is no stuffing in the bread, and the overall taste is light. Be sure to eat while it's hot!

Per capita: 13 yuan

Address: No.63, Nanluoguxiang

Suzuki canteen (xiaojuer Hutong store)

A super hot Japanese material shop. The environment is good, and the service ecology is also great. Beef hotpot, Suzuki meatloaf, Suzuki salad, tuna salad, curry rice, Japanese roast meat, chicken Nanman, braised chicken rice are recommended, super delicious!

The restaurant gives people a warm feeling, simple and comfortable, first-class service attitude, and the waiter tries to take care of every guest. I like their salad very much. It tastes good and the quantity is really big.

Per capita: ¥ 56

Address: No.77 xiaojuer alley, Dongcheng District (near the north entrance of Nanluoguxiang)

Takoyaki Kinpatei

Big stuff is enough, the taste is really better than the Hokkaido octopus balls in the north, and there are many tastes, but the price is several times more expensive. Be careful of scalding! The large-scale octopus balls are very delicious. There are a lot of Octopus pieces in them, which are quite enjoyable to eat.

Per capita: ¥ 19

Address: No.90, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District (near beibingmashi alley)

Chrysanthemum family

Many people say that the stewed meat rice here has the taste of mom, and if the rice is not enough meat, you can add it for free. It's your mother! Don't worry about the quantity. The set meal is matched with a small bowl of egg drop soup and celery and carrot. It's like a snack brought by grandma in the TV drama. The stewed meat is fragrant and soft. The stewed meat sauce and rice are perfectly matched. The sauce is not thick and greasy, and the rice is not sticky and dry.

It's like a shop in my own house. It's very warm. Marinated rice and inulin milk are the must. The marinated meat and rice juice is fragrant, the chrysanthemum milk is rich, and the milk flavor is full. Cost effective!

Per capita: 35 yuan

Address: No.63, xiaojuer alley, Nanluoguxiang

Gongs and drums

As its name implies, the environment is really unique -- simple and unique small buildings, old narrow stairs, but the roof is suddenly bright, wooden tables and chairs, lazy and casual. The dishes are both Chinese and western. There are both popular Sichuan dishes like by Chinese people and improved dishes like by foreigners with cheese. The tastes are different, but the quantity is enough and the price is reasonable. As soon as the meal point arrived, the Chinese and foreign guests were full of tents, which was very lively.

Per capita: ¥ 50

Address: no.104-1, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District, Beijing


It is one of the top ten delicacies in Nanluoguxiang. It's made of wheat flour paste, fried into golden yellow in an oil pan, and then poured with ice cream. Spanish fried dough sticks, with all kinds of jam and ice cream, are a strange combination, and the taste is too good to believe!

Per capita: 31 yuan

Address: No.50, Nanluoguxiang

Curry tiger

The curry flavor is very authentic. The thick curry soup can't help but be drunk at one sip. Milk tea is not blended, but boiled black tea. It's a shop full of tea fragrance and milk fragrance, which can never be tired of eating.

Per capita: 21 yuan

Address: no.15-1, Nanluoguxiang