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Where is Jilin Wusong island? What is the best viewing time for rime?

Wusong, when we talk about this scenic spot, we first think of Huangshan Wusong, but we don't know that Jilin's Wusong is the most famous island in the country. So, do you know when is the best time to go to Jilin to see Wusong? When it comes to Wusong island in Jilin, the most famous place to see Wusong is Wusong island in Jilin. I believe many people want to know when is the best time to see Wusong island? What's the best viewing time?

When does rime island have rime

The specific location of rime island is in Wula Street Manchu town of Jilin City, which is an island on the Songhua River. There are many rime and Meineng can easily take large films here. Every year, many photographers come here to take photos of rime. Generally, there will be rime from late December to the end of February of the next year, which is also the best viewing time. It's only two or three days for tourists to come here, except for watching Rime, where the sunset and sunrise can not be missed, but also beautiful.

However, it also needs luck to see the rime. Not everyone can see it when they go there. To form the rime, they need to meet the specific weather conditions. In general, it is very possible to form the rime on a snowy day with the temperature around - 20 ℃. The best time to watch and shoot the rime is between 10:00-11:30 in the morning. The best viewing points are zengtongtun and Hantun, which are also the most important Zengtongtun is recommended as a place of concentration.

Now it's December. Many tourists are paying attention to when there's rime on the rime island. It's in late December. Now, friends who want to go can wait for a few days. On the top of it, I've made a simple plan to watch the rime on Jilin rime island. I've introduced the best time and place in detail. Finally, don't forget to watch a sunrise. It's also beautiful.