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Tianzhu Mountain, one of the three famous mountains in Anhui Province, is the most suitable month fo

Anhui is also rich in tourism resources in China, among which the famous mountains in Anhui are the most famous, among which the most representative are the ancient villages and three famous mountains in southern Anhui. Among them, the three famous mountains include Huangshan, Jiuhua Mountain, the famous Buddhist mountain, and Tianzhu Mountain, the world geological Park. Today we are going to talk about Tianzhu Mountain. The scenery of Tianzhu Mountain is no worse than Huangshan Mountain. So, do you know where Tianzhu Mountain is? What's special about it?

Tianzhu Mountain is located in the west of Anqing buried hill city, Anhui Province. It is a national 5A scenic spot, also a famous National Forest Park and National Geopark. It is the afterblood of Dabie mountain range. The main peak is not high, only 1400 meters, but it is an indispensable scenic spot for Anhui Tourism.

The core area of the whole scenic area has reached 82 square kilometers, which is very large. It takes about 2-3 days to visit the whole scenic area in the ordinary climbing way. The main peak is called Tianzhu peak, which is named because it looks like "one pillar holding the sky". If you want to play the whole scenic area in one day, you need to take a cable car up and down the mountain, and then walk for about 5-7 hours in the middle.

As Tianzhu Mountain is located in Anhui Province, it is inevitable that many people will compare it with Huangshan Mountain.

But people who have come here can see that the natural scenery here is also very good. Famous cliff, strange stone, different cave, stream waterfall, sunrise cloud sea and so on, especially those stones with unique shapes, let us have to sigh the uncanny workmanship of nature and marvel at it.

In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, Tianzhu Mountain also has a feature of danger. The steps along the whole scenic area are basically cut along boulders, while many places are directly built from cliffs, which are not only steep, but also breathtaking.

There are many pine trees growing in the gap between big and small stones. On the cliff, there are some wild Rhododendron trees. Every April and may, when the flowers at the foot of the mountain have already withered, the Rhododendron here is just greeting the beginning of spring. They are blooming in clusters and are very beautiful. They are dotted in every corner of the mountain for tourists to climb On the way to the mountain, I added a little surprise.

It is said that every April and may is one of the best viewing seasons of Tianzhu Mountain. There are spectacular sunrise clouds, passionate azaleas and misty ink scenery. At this time, standing in every corner of Tianzhu Mountain, you can see different scenery.

In the process of mountaineering, every other distance, there will be a place to rest, like this huandan Pavilion, which stands on the rocks between the mountains. From a distance, it looks like it stands on the clouds. Here, you can have a panoramic view and feel the magnificent feeling of seeing all the mountains.

For many tourists, Tianzhu Mountain is a beautiful natural scenery, while for some students and scholars and experts, it is a natural geological database. The evolution process of Tianzhu Mountain is a part worthy of study and study for many people. The Dabie movement at the end of the late Archaean era, 2 billion years ago, caused the folding of marine excellent geosynclines in this area Wrinkle and uplift, forming dingyoudi ridge and oblique mountain.

The unique geographical conditions also make the climate here unusual, which makes the climate at the foot of the mountain very different from that at the top of the mountain. For this reason, when the mountain is still under the sun license, the top of the mountain is covered with rain and fog, walking on the plank road, just like flying clouds and fog.

To see a dreamlike sunrise and sea of clouds here is also a test of tourists' luck. Especially in spring and summer, there are few sunny days on the mountain. In autumn, it is the best time to see the sunrise.

However, every season of Tianzhu Mountain has its own unique side. Spring flowers and summer summer vacation, especially the Liandan Lake Hotel beside the Liandan lake, is a very suitable place for summer vacation. Among the ten sceneries of Qianyang, there is a place called "danzaocangyan", which describes the beauty of Tianzhu Mountain's Liandan lake. The lake is surrounded by clouds, like a fairyland.

It is said that every summer vacation season, the Liandan Lake Hotel is basically one room, backed by green mountains, facing lakes, with excellent scenery and environment. If you rent by month, it also provides three meals a day full package service. In this way, it's only two or three hundred yuan a day. For many people, it's very attractive.

Zhongling Yuxiu, grotesque rocks, Tianzhu Mountain is such a scenic spot integrating natural scenery and history and culture. It's a place for vacation, leisure, mountaineering and exercise. Even for some people who like photography, it's a paradise. It's a place for people to return to nature.