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Who can be better than Xi'an Baoji Yan'an, the three most valuable cities in Shaanxi?

Shaanxi Province is also a famous tourism province. The most famous one in Shaanxi Province is Lushan Mountain, but you don't know that there are other scenic spots in Shaanxi. So, do you know which cities are more suitable for tourism in Shaanxi? Which of the three most valuable cities in Shaanxi Province, Xi'an, Baoji and Yan'an, do you think can be better?

Shaanxi Province is one of the famous birthplaces in ancient China. Because of its regional advantages, it has been an important region in China since ancient times. Especially in the Tang Dynasty, Shaanxi Province was the center of power in China, and even the whole world could not find a more developed area than Shaanxi Province. Although, the present Shaanxi Province because of its own geographical environment factors. It's no longer what it was. However, in Shaanxi Province, there are many cultural heritages that other regions admire.

Xi'an, the predecessor of Xi'an, was Chang'an, the capital of Tang Dynasty. Although now we can not reproduce the prosperous situation of the Tang Dynasty. But only in the poems and paintings left by the past can we see the leopard. Even if the understanding is not comprehensive, the prosperity of Chang'an is still deeply engraved in every heart. Therefore, Xi'an is a city of great historical value. In the city, there are not only miracles such as the terra cotta warriors, which shocked the world, but also unparalleled night scenery. Have you ever been to Xi'an? What kind of city do you think Xi'an is?

Baoji, the same as Xi'an, is also a city with a very long history. It is one of the birthplaces of ancient Chinese civilization. It is also the famous hometown of bronze ware and holy land of Buddhist bones. It has an irreplaceable position in Shaanxi Province. In terms of economy, although Xi'an is not the capital of Shaanxi Province, it firmly occupies the second place in Shaanxi Province. Therefore, Baoji's urban construction is very good. Do you think Baoji is in line with the title of the most valuable city in Shaanxi Province?

Compared with the above two cities, Yan'an's economic development is slightly inferior. However, Yan'an has its own advantages. That is the famous red tourist attraction in Yan'an. It is the end of our Red Army's Long March. It is also one of the places where our country stands up again. The spiritual wealth of Yan'an has been influencing generations of Chinese people. It plays a very important role in our country. Have you ever been to Yan'an? If not, would you like to experience it in Yan'an?