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What are the interesting places in Zhengzhou? These four places can be called the surface of Zhengzh

Zhengzhou is the capital city of Henan Province. The most famous scenic spot in Zhengzhou is Shaolin Temple. Many people go to Zhengzhou to visit Shaolin Temple. But after a few days in Zhengzhou, most of them like Zhengzhou. Do you know that Zhengzhou is so interesting? In fact, in addition to Shaolin Temple, Zhengzhou has many interesting scenic spots waiting for you to discover.

Zhengzhou fun place

Shaolin Temple

The world's martial arts come from Shaolin. If you don't come to the youth temple in Zhengzhou, it's a pity. Even if you can't learn martial arts, you need to see the place where you can practice martial arts. This is not only the holy land of the world's martial arts, but also the ancestral hall of Buddhism and Zen. In Shaolin Temple, I put some classic martial arts shapes for a picture. It seems that the swords and swords of the Jianghu flash in front of me. Because the popularity of Shaolin Temple is very high, even in the off-season, the traffic here is also very high, and the peak season is even more turbulent, so we should be prepared for this.

Zhengzhou Yellow River Scenic Spot

The Yellow River scenic spot has statues of the two emperors, the most important thing is that you can observe the magnificent scenery of the mother of the Yellow River in a short distance, so as to better understand the culture of the Yellow River. It takes about half a day to visit the whole scenic spot. After arriving at the scenic spot in the morning, you can first take a hovercraft, put into the arms of the mother river, and get close contact with the Yellow River. Then come to Yanhuang square, visit the magnificent statues of the two emperors of Yanhuang, and look forward to the broad scenery of mother river.

Zhengzhou Fangte happy world

Fangte happy world is a large-scale amusement park, similar to happy valley. There are various exciting projects in it, but there are many people. Some projects may be in line for a long time, so remember to plan time to play more projects. The park is built at the intersection of Zhengkai Avenue and Wenwen road to the south, opposite to Green Expo Park. It includes many of the world's leading super large amusement projects, most of which are suitable for all ages.

Henan Museum

Henan Museum has a large collection of cultural relics. Don't miss those who like history. It shows the history and culture of Henan for five thousand years, which can better understand the history of Henan. Now the museum can also visit for free. As long as you hold valid certificates, you can get tickets at the gate to visit. There are several treasures of the town and yard, as well as the times of our country The earliest musical instruments and so on are all worth looking at.

Zhengzhou's playful place has been recommended to my friends for the time being. There are still some scenic spots that I need my friends to discover in person so as to realize the charm of Zhengzhou.