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Make people laugh! Game of power 8 reveals the truth behind Starbucks paper cup

According to foreign media on May 7, the American fantasy epic play "game of Thrones" produced and broadcast by HBO has reached the final season, and naturally each episode has attracted tens of millions of viewers to watch at the same time. However, in the latest episode 4 of Season 8, the last of the stars, the sharp eyed audience found that a Starbucks cup appeared on the banquet table! What's going on? Is it the negligence of the staff or is Starbucks famous?

It was clearly the staff's negligence. But of course, netizens joked that 'Starbucks is a big business, and even Westeros has branches'.

In the 18th minute of the fourth episode, something unrelated to the game of power appeared on the table in front of the dragon mother. At that time, several protagonists celebrated their victory over the night king.

Many Twitter users said with a smile that dragon mother may have been too tired in the winter city battle of the last episode, so drink some coffee to refresh your mind. Netizen Theodora wrote: I like that the dragon mother immediately sent someone to the bridge section of Starbucks after the winter city. Even the dragon mother needs a cup of coffee every day to operate.

Another netizen wrote: 'double sweet Vanilla Cappuccino! '-- this is the taglian family slogan of the dragon mother.

The game of power is a fantasy drama, which is based on the series of novel song of ice and fire by George R & middot; R & middot; Martin.

The game of power takes place in a fictional world, similar to Europe in the middle ages. There are many characters, many story lines are interlaced, among which there are three main lines. The first main line: several families fight for the Iron Throne (the throne of seven kings) or seek to break away from the rule of the iron throne; the second main line: the descendants of the overthrown royal family, a princess in exile, organize the army to seize the iron throne; the third main line: fight against the northern ghosts together.