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Why is Dubai so rich? The secret behind Dubai's wealth

As we all know, Dubai is the richest country in the world. Many people who have been to Dubai know that Dubai is very proud, and its tourism industry is also developing well. I believe everyone should have a question: why is Dubai so rich? Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates, but it is super rich. Why is Dubai rich?

Why is Dubai so rich?

United Arab Emirates is called UAE for short. Its Chinese name is the United Arab Emirates and its Chinese name is UAE for short. It includes seven emirates, 1abudhabi, 2dubai, 3sharjah, 4ras al Khaimah, 5ajman, 6fujairah and 7umm al qaiwain. Although they call themselves as countries, they also have their own Emirates and flags, they are only called cities in the world, and UAE is called countries. For visa issues, most of our Chinese choose Abu Dhabi and Dubai for entry. Visa application procedures and entry procedures are slightly different between the two cities, but the general policies are the same. This post only describes visa application and entry issues in Dubai, and other cities can be used for reference.

Why is Dubai so rich?

Apart from visa free passport, other visa applicants can be roughly divided into two categories: those who apply for visa in advance, including those who are ready to apply for tourist visa, visiting visa or business visa to embassies or consulates of UAE, visa centers and travel agencies. If the application cannot be made in advance, it can be classified into transit visa or landing visa. Please classify it automatically according to your personal situation. Don't mention the issue of transit visa to the issue of tourist visa. First understand the visa concept you are going to apply for, and then ask.

Why is Dubai so rich?

Dubai is the economic center of the United Arab Emirates. The second largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has always been a prosperous business center, and Dubai harbor plays a very important role in the economic development of the city. The Dubai Bay has always been a safe and important seaport for small and medium-sized ships, which are full of all kinds of goods to transit to different regions such as the Gulf region, the Indian subcontinent and East Africa. Dubai's market is free of foreign exchange controls and is very open and accessible. The import tax here is generally 4%, and the level of telecommunication facilities is first-class, providing services for the flourishing financial and service industries. There is also plenty of energy. Even tap water, a big problem that once plagued the Arab world, is now solved by desalination.

In terms of maritime transport, more than 125 major world routes include Rashid port and Jebel Ali port in Dubai. Jebel Ali port is the largest artificial port in the world, with 65 berths and a span of 15 kilometers. The port is surrounded by a tax-free zone, in which foreign-funded enterprises can have 100% ownership, and can be exempted from corporate tax and personal tax. In addition, there are no restrictions on the transfer of profits back to China. There is also the only cold storage in the Middle East certified by Lloyd's.

Dubai also hosts many activities in the winter to attract tourists. Dubai winter Shopping Festival is an international activity integrating shopping, tourism and performance from the original retail assembly, with "one world, one family, one festival" as the fixed theme. The main attractions of the festival are world-class shopping venues, art performances and recreational activities, as well as huge lottery. It's no surprise that there's gold or BMW in the sky.