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Where is the park for only two cents? Why does Shuangxiu park not increase its price for 35 years?

Beijing is the capital of our country and also the center of economy, politics and culture. There are not a few people gathered here, with different purposes. At the same time, a large part of them simply come to Beijing. To be fair, there are many scenic spots in Beijing, the most famous one should be the long city and the Forbidden City, but what we didn't expect is that Beijing has only two dimes of tickets, I'm sure many people will want to ask if it's true?

Although Beijing Shuangxiu park is not as famous as the great wall and other scenic spots, it has accumulated a lot of tourists in recent years. The reason why it has insisted that the price of 20 yuan tickets does not rise in 35 years also makes people curious, which is related to Japan.

Located in the east of beitaipingqiao, Xicheng District, Beijing, Shuangxiu park is a key construction project planned for the 35th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of Beijing. After its completion in 84 years, it has become a good place for many citizens to visit. Shuangxiu park is the only garden building with Japanese style in Beijing. The whole park is most famous for its water show and green mountains, including Japanese Cuishi Park and Chinese Huifang park. Therefore, the name of Shuangxiu park comes.

According to numerous records, all the building materials in Shuangxiu Park, such as rocks and stones, are presented by the Japanese. The architectural style of the whole park is very simple and unique. At one time, the price of Shuangxiu Park was approved to increase by Beijing Price Bureau, but it has been kept at 20 cents for various reasons. As far as the current price is concerned, a twenty cent ticket is equal to free. It's hardly conscience.

Shuangxiu park has also witnessed the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan for more than 30 years, which is the main reason why it does not increase its price, and has not cancelled the tickets for the two cents as netizens said. Two dime ticket is a small thing, its significance is the most important, so I think whether it is now or for a long time in the future, it will be two dime ticket.

In terms of architectural form, Shuangxiu Park perfectly embodies the combination of naturalism style and Chinese traditional culture, and its internal structure also embodies the unique pursuit and characteristics of Japan's high-end aspects. In such a park, the deeper the tourists go, the more they will like it. I just don't know how do you think about the two dime tickets of Shuangxiu park?

In fact, the park was built in 1984 with a construction company in Niigata, Japan. When we named it, we extracted the meaning of "Shuixiu Shanqing" in Japanese garden and "beautiful and colorful" in our Chinese garden. The name of Shuangxiu park comes from the integration of the two. The park, which has a history of 20 to 30 years, has an annual flow of about 1.4 million people. Shuangxiu Park, once a public institution, has now been transformed into a corporate Park, but the tickets have been kept at 20 cents. It does bring great benefits to the surrounding residents.

However, some netizens also said that Shuangxiu park is better to get free tickets than to charge 20 cents. Because at present, the scenic spot only charges RMB. In order to charge 20% of the ticket price, the scenic spot needs to hire ticket sellers. It is estimated that the monthly ticket income is not enough to pay the salaries of these ticket sellers. Is this behavior upside down?