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Zhengzhou ravis dream water world fun? Can children play?

Now it's summer. Many people like to go out to play. Summer is a good season for playing with water. If you want to have a cool summer, you must go to some water park to play. It's so cool to go to the water bubble in the hot summer. At this time, you might as well go to the first large-scale water park in Zhengzhou -- Laves dream water world. So, is Zhengzhou Laves dream water world fun?

Zhengzhou ravis dream water world fun?

Neverland water world is located in Xincun Town, Xinzheng City, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province (20 Li shop of Zhengxin fast track). It is the first large-scale water park just emerging in the city, with a total area of more than 157000 square meters. The park has superior geographical location and convenient transportation. While playing with water, you can also watch floats and exotic performances; in the park, children's water playing area and children's trusteeship rest area are specially opened for children to meet the service needs of tourists of different ages and periods of time, so that tourists can forget to return and leave a deep impression.

Children's water world:

Childlike, fun and fun, spend unforgettable time with your children. Children's water world is specially designed for children of all ages. It has tons of high pressure water cannons, mobile water spray, water body special theme area composed of parent-child magic cube slide, spray mushrooms, water cannon, water spray crocodile, water dolphin and other water sports. Overwhelmed with joy, parents and children play together. To provide children with a water park full of fun and childlike fun, to create a dreamlike fairyland, to present children with a real Alice in Wonderland.

Monster bowl:

Tourists take rafts and slide down the platform with a height of more than 13.5 meters. After passing a fully closed tube slide with a length of tens of meters, they rush into a huge bowl with a diameter of 15 meters at high speed. Driven by centrifugal force, tourists seem to rotate in space, which makes people dizzy and fascinated. Finally, they are sucked into the hole in the middle of the bowl. During the whole sliding process, they gather high speed, high stimulation and high entertainment With the integration of pleasure, tourists will enjoy the unforgettable experience of taxiing, and the scream will accompany the taxiing all the time.

Fast track:

The galloping slide is composed of two open slides, which enter into the open straight dive part and stir up water flakes all the way. A high-speed glide down a dive.

Spiral combination slide:

The combination of spiral slide has many changes, strong entertainment experience, or stimulation or gentle, whether it's body or raft, whether it's closed or open, giving the experimenter a variety of stimulation experience.

There are so many fairylands, exciting and scared. Do you think Zhengzhou ravis dream water world is fun? Xiaobian thinks young people will like it, after all, young people are people seeking stimulation. Children had better not play in these places.